How To Post Your Page

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How To Post Your Page
How To Post Your Page

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Before you place your page, you need to decide whether we want to purchase a paid or free hosting. It depends on the purposes for which the site is created: if the site is commercial, then it is best to use paid hosting, if the site is to maintain its own page, then free hosting is also suitable. Consider free hosting, which allows you to quickly, easily and for free place your page on the Internet.

How to post your page
How to post your page


Step 1

You must register on the website. Please fill out the form carefully. And after registration, the name of your site will look like this -, such a domain is called a third-level domain (a domain is a kind of name, only for the site on which users will visit your page).

Step 2

After registration, you will have access to your account to host your site. The site can be created with your own hands or using the master tools provided by the hoster. If you use the site creation wizard, then your page is automatically created on the server, and you can refer to it by typing in the address bar. If you create your own site on your computer, then to access it you will need to upload it to the server.

Step 3

To download the site, you can use the built-in tools provided by the hosting (there is such a service on the site and, following simple rules, it will not be difficult to load the site). Alternatively, you can use special programs (for example FileZilla and the like). To do this, you will need your username and password from the account you registered. In the program, you specify them, and it connects to the server. Then you can move your site from your computer to a folder on the server.

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