How To Crochet A Baby Bag

How To Crochet A Baby Bag
How To Crochet A Baby Bag

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Who else loves all kinds of jewelry besides women? Of course, these are little women of fashion. Make a very beautiful and lightweight handbag for your child. Absolutely any beginner can knit it.

How to crochet a baby bag
How to crochet a baby bag


SS - connecting column;

RLS - single crochet;

CCH - double crochet;

vp - air loop.

So, with crochet number 5, you need to dial 51 air loops.

After you have scored the required number of loops, you should knit a single crochet into the second loop from the hook, that is, at 50. So we knit to the end of the row, that is, in each loop according to RLS. Then we form a circle. I think everyone knows how to finish the row, but still, let me remind you: we knit the first and last loop with a single crochet. All the following rows, respectively, are knitted in a circle.

Then we begin to knit the element of which the future handbag will consist. This element is called the "shell". It is done very simply: 3 CCHs are knitted in the same loop or gap. The initial "shell" will always differ from the subsequent ones in that you first need to dial 3 vp for it. and only then knit the PRS. There will be not 3, but 2 of them, since air loops play the role of CCH.

So, we knit the initial "shell", then we skip 2 loops and again we knit our main element. Do not forget that from the beginning of the row, the element is knitted in the SS. This should be done until the end of the row. Always remember to have a connecting post at the end of each row. As a result, you should have 17 shells.

Row 2 should be knitted like this: move with the SS along the "shell" to the beginning of the gap between the first two elements. Then, respectively, we knit the initial "shell". Only not in the loops, but in the gap between the elements. So continue to the end of the row. All subsequent rows up to 8 inclusive should be knitted exactly like this, that is, as 2.

Rows 9 and 10 are the same: we do 1 VP, after which we knit to the end of the RLS row. There should be 50 of them.

11 row: we do 1 vp, then we knit 5 sc, we collect 15 stitches, skip 15 sc, then we knit 10 sc. Again we recruit 15 vp, skip 15 sc and knit the remaining 5 sc. That is, in this way we form the handles for the future handbag.

12-14 rows: we collect 1 vp. and knit all the other loops to the end of the RLS row.

We finish the work. It remains only to sew the bottom of the bag with invisible hidden seams and hide the ends of the threads. We decorate our product to your taste.

As you can see, this handbag model is very simple and affordable. Make your child happy.

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