How To Knit A Mink

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How To Knit A Mink
How To Knit A Mink

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Knitted furs are gaining in popularity. They are thin, light, but very warm, soft and look very unusual. Their only drawback is the high consumption of fur. So how does fur knit work?

How to knit a mink
How to knit a mink

It is necessary

  • - mink skin;
  • - blade or nail scissors;
  • - threads;
  • - a needle;
  • - knitting needles or hook;
  • - correct board;
  • - clamps for fixing.


Step 1

To create knitted products from fur thread, skins of mink, beaver, polecat, rabbit and even sable are used. Coats, cardigans, jackets are knitted from high-quality plates of large sizes. However, even small flaps can be used. They are used to make hats, bags, mittens, slippers, etc.

Step 2

Duplicate the prepared skin with a hot glue cloth with a lint. Cut it into thin strips with a razor or nail scissors. The width of the strip is approximately 0.5 cm.

Step 3

Collect the resulting strip in a skein. This can be done with a low-speed drill. Unwind by hand 60-80 cm. Fix the edge with a staple to the correct board. Moisten the seamy side of the fur. Unwind, pulling slightly, using the same drill. Lock, then unwind the next section. Moisten, roll up, lock on the opposite side of the original lock.

Step 4

If the resulting strip is not enough, prepare and carefully sew the next one to its edge. When winding up, the fur "thread" can be connected with two or more frame woolen ones. The twisting density is 4-6 turns per cm of length. Comb, clip to correct board. After drying, free from staples. Roll into a skein.

Step 5

You can get a fur "thread" in another way. Cut the prepared skin into strips, wrap with one or more frame threads at any angle. Secure the ends of the strips in a twisted state. Sew the ends of the "threads" to obtain the required length.

Step 6

You can knit both crochet and knitting, with the usual front satin stitch. Finish the edge of the finished product. To do this, cut the mink tail into strips. Sew to the desired length, wrap around the edge.

Step 7

For crocheting, twist the strips so that the fur is both inside and outside. Knit as usual.

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