How To Crochet A Bodice

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How To Crochet A Bodice
How To Crochet A Bodice

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From a crocheted bodice, you can make the top of a bathing suit, or, by tying the lower part with an arbitrary pattern, make a summer top. The bodice is knitted with a thin thread, using a hook No. 2 or No. 3.

How to crochet a bodice
How to crochet a bodice

It is necessary

Approximately 200-300 g of cotton thread 120 m / 50 g or silk thread 150 m / 50 g or cotton / polyacrylic blend 120 m / 50 g, hook No. 3


Step 1

To crochet the bodice, you need to start knitting with one of the cups. Usually, the left cup of the bodice is knitted first. For size 34/36, cast on a chain of 28 stitches and 3 lift stitches. Next, knit with crochet stitches. Instead of a double crochet, you need to knit the next row, starting with 3 air lifting loops.

Step 2

After 6 (six) rows or 8 cm from the typesetting edge, you need to leave 14 loops on the right side, on those 14 loops that remain, you need to knit another 6 (six) rows or 8 cm and finish the work. The right cup of the bodice must be tied symmetrically to the left. Sew each of the cups along the seam, then seam both cups or knit a few centimeters in the middle.

Step 3

You can crochet the bodice with a pattern of "knobs". For sizes 36/38 and 42/44, type 32 (36) air loops and 3 air lifting loops, continue knitting with a "knob" pattern. To do this, we knit one lush column and one air loop, alternating such a pattern. The lush column is knitted like this: we make one yarn, insert the hook into the loop and pull the thread, repeat this technique 4 more times, make the yarn and knit it all the loops that are on the hook, at once, we knit one air loop.

Step 4

Having knitted 8-9 cm from the typesetting edge, we leave 8-9 cm for the central seam on the right. Finish the work after 16-18 cm from the typesetting edge. Connect the seams of the parts. Having knitted together 2-3 cm outer corners of the cups, connect them together.

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