How To Sew A Stuffed Toy

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How To Sew A Stuffed Toy
How To Sew A Stuffed Toy

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You can sew soft toys yourself. You will need a little time and a few materials at hand, but such toys will be much more expensive and more pleasant to you. In addition, handicraft is now highly valued in the market.

How to sew a stuffed toy
How to sew a stuffed toy

It is necessary

  • -fur of different colors and sizes;
  • -needle;
  • - threads in the color of the fur;
  • -pencil;
  • -cardboard or paper;
  • - chalk or soap;
  • - finished sketch or drawn;
  • -scissors.


Step 1

Find it on the Internet or draw yourself a sketch of the future product.

Step 2

Make a pattern for the product on paper or cardboard, taking into account the places for turning out. Cut out a pattern, attach it to the wrong side of the fur, and pin it down.

Step 3

If you have a whole piece of fur, then apply the pattern immediately, if not, then pick up several pieces of fur of the same shade, sew them so that the pile lies in one direction, and only then apply the pattern.

Step 4

Circle the pattern over the fur with chalk or soap. Remove the pattern, cut out the details. When cutting, the sharper part of the scissors should be on the side of the fur, and it is necessary to cut between the villi so that the pile does not climb.

Step 5

Align the corresponding parts with the right sides, fasten with pins. Sew the parts with a loop seam, do not forget to leave room for turning inside out. Turn out the parts, stuff with padding polyester or other stuffing. Blind-sew the turning hole.

Step 6

In accordance with the type of product, add the required decoration, for example, for animals - these are eyes, a nose, etc.

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