How To Learn To Make Origami

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How To Learn To Make Origami
How To Learn To Make Origami

Video: How To Learn To Make Origami

Video: How To Learn To Make Origami
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Origami is the art of folding paper crafts. Most models are made without glue or scissors. To learn the art of origami, you should purchase special paper and train regularly to improve your skills.

How to learn to make origami
How to learn to make origami

It is necessary

  • - paper;
  • - a book with origami diagrams.


Step 1

Get good origami paper. It must be strong and thin. Too thick, rough paper is very difficult to fold, therefore, using it, you will rather be disappointed in origami than learn how to make beautiful figures. Of course, you should not immediately buy special paper for experienced origamists: it is quite expensive, and beginners hassle a lot of sheets trying to learn how to fold the figures.

Step 2

Learn to read origami diagrams. Try to learn all the notation first. If you don't succeed right away, don't worry, you will be able to better understand and remember them when you start folding the figures. Practice folding the paper according to the lines indicated on the diagram. In origami, there are only two main folds - a valley and a mountain. The first option assumes that the paper needs to be bent towards you, and the second - away from you. Carefully iron the fold lines with your nails, otherwise the craft will be sloppy and ugly.

Step 3

Read the comments that accompany the diagrams. Experienced origamists don't need them, but many beginner books provide detailed descriptions of each step to help you better understand what to do. Read the text, ponder over it and try to exactly follow everything that is written in it.

Step 4

Try some of the simplest crafts. Don't jump straight to complex models, and also save modular origami and shirring and wet folding techniques for later. In origami books for children, you will find many simple patterns. Making elementary crafts, you will not only remember the designations, but also gain valuable experience.

Step 5

Gradually move on to more complex models. Try a few simple modular origami crafts. For example, you might choose a pair of easy-to-make kusudam or multi-piece boxes. At the same time, it is very important to learn how to neatly connect the modules without wrinkling the paper. Practice until you get beautiful crafts.

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