How To Draw A Stork With A Pencil

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How To Draw A Stork With A Pencil
How To Draw A Stork With A Pencil

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Songs and fairy tales are composed about storks. There is a belief that they are the ones who bring children and happiness to the house. Such legends have certain grounds - storks really prefer to live closer to human habitation and at the same time have a very subtle sense of the atmosphere in the house. You can draw a stork with a simple or black pencil.

The stork is believed to bring happiness
The stork is believed to bring happiness

Determine the proportions

It is better to draw a stork with two pencils - solid simple and black. However, the black pencil is successfully replaced by a very soft simple one. The stork's most characteristic pose is in profile towards the viewer. In this perspective, the proportions are very clearly visible. The stork is a tall bird with a long neck and long legs, so it is better to put the leaf vertically. You can draw a long vertical line and split it in half. The upper part is the head and neck, the lower part is the torso and legs. But you can start drawing with a large oval, the long axis of which is located to the underside of the sheet at a slight angle. Determine the ratio of the size of the torso and head. The stork's head is also oval.

On the head, you can immediately find a place for the eye, it is quite large in the stork.

Where does the neck "look"?

Connect the head and torso with a thin, straight line. This will be the middle of the neck. Draw two more parallel to this line - to the right and to the left. These lines should be symmetrical about the middle. Round the corner at the junction of the bottom line of the neck and torso. Also round the corner where the second neck line meets the oval of the head. Underline the neckline with black pencil.

The lines of the neck may not be strictly parallel, but slightly diverge downward.

Draw legs

The stork's legs are very long and, when the bird is standing, are strictly vertical. You can draw the knee joints - small thickenings in the middle. Quite often, the stork stands in its nest with one leg tucked in. Legs end with feet with rather long and curved toes. When a stork goes flying, it stretches its legs along the body, but they are still clearly visible.

Wings, beak, feathers

Draw a beak. The stork has a very long one. It's just a triangle, one corner of which is very sharp. Draw a wing - you can simply outline it with an arc running parallel to the bottom line of the torso. Pay attention to how the black and white spots are located on the stork. The ends of the wings can be made black. There is no complex pattern on the plumage, but the ends of the wings can be circled with wavy lines. With the same color, draw a circle around the eye, as well as the tail. As for the feathers, it is best to make them with short arched strokes. On the body, the strokes will be larger, on the neck and head they will be smaller, or even invisible at all. Feathers can also be marked with short straight horizontal strokes. Complete your drawing - the stork can be on the roof of its nest or on the lawn.

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