How To Draw In Compass-3D

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How To Draw In Compass-3D
How To Draw In Compass-3D

Video: How To Draw In Compass-3D

Video: How To Draw In Compass-3D
Video: How to Draw a Compass/3D compass easily,,step by step.. 2023, December

Compass-3D is a powerful program for creating design drawings. The distinctive features of this drawing and design editor are ease of learning, ease of use and good consistency with Russian standards for design documentation.

How to draw in Compass-3D
How to draw in Compass-3D

It is necessary

  • - a computer;
  • - CAD Compass-3D.


Step 1

You can draw in Compass-3D both in the mode of conventional two-dimensional drawing, and in the mode of creating a three-dimensional model with its subsequent projection onto a flat drawing. In order to independently create a two-dimensional drawing, select the items "Create" - "Drawing" in the Compass-3D program. A drawing field will open in front of you.

Step 2

Next, you need to find the "Compact Panel" on the screen. If the panel is not displayed, enable it in the tab "View" - "Toolbars". In the item "Geometry" of the "Compact Panel" you will be offered some simple geometric objects with which you can create a drawing. With one of them selected, try drawing a geometric object in the drawing field. Pay attention to the fact that you can set the key parameters of the future shape both "by eye", pointing with the mouse the position of each next point, and precisely, by setting numerical values in the "Current state" panel that opens.

Step 3

The item of the "Compact Panel" called "Editing" may be very useful for you. It has the functions of mirroring, rotating by an angle, shortening or lengthening a straight line to a given object, and many others. Some of the editing functions work for selected objects, while others must be selected first.

Step 4

To create a three-dimensional object and then project it onto the drawing, select "Create" - "Part". A field for creating a 3D model will open in front of you.

Step 5

Now you need to select the plane in which you are going to position the sketch of the future 3D model (XY, XZ or YZ). With the desired plane selected, click the Sketch button. The program will go into sketching mode.

Step 6

Creation of a sketch in general is similar to the creation of a flat drawing described in points 2, 3. After the sketch is created, switch to the part editing mode ("Compact panel" - "Part editing"). This item will allow you to build a 3D model based on the created sketch by various operations (extrusion, cutting, section, etc.). After selecting the desired operation, set the parameters for editing the part, press "Enter".

Step 7

Similarly, creating 3D elements and combining them with each other, you can create the desired object. In order to then transfer it to the drawing, save the model to a file, and then select the menu item "Operations" - "Create new drawing from model". This action will open the drawing sheet, and you will be asked to select which projections you want to see in the future drawing. Select them and press Enter.