What Is The Series "Criminal Minds" About

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What Is The Series "Criminal Minds" About
What Is The Series "Criminal Minds" About

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The American TV series "Criminal Minds" made a splash in many countries around the world after the pilot episode was shown in September 2005. Stunning stories about the work of the best FBI employees, brilliantly analyzing the most sophisticated crimes, trying on the roles of criminals.

What the series is about
What the series is about


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Elite FBI investigators who are the best experts in behavioral analysts always come to the aid of the police when they cannot solve a complicated case. They do not use the standard methods of searching the crime scene, but try to think like murderers in order to understand all his thoughts and motives. As a result, investigators manage to investigate a crime from the inside, without focusing on evidence, which is sometimes false or lead to a dead end.

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The employees of this elite department are agents Jason Gideon and Aaron Hotchner, who are involved in the case of the disappearance of four young girls in a fairly short time. The police suspect that a serial maniac has appeared in Seattle, the psychological portrait of which detective Gideon and his partners should draw up. Having left for the crime scene, Gideon's team proceeds to interview witnesses, analyze and study the psychological side of the life of a potential maniac, who must be caught as quickly as possible.

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Criminal Minds received critical acclaim for its intelligence and captivating storyline, while viewers appreciated the opportunity it gave them the opportunity to solve well-worked puzzles. I liked the show and the police themselves, who said that their work is shown in "Criminal Minds" with maximum plausibility and accuracy.

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Also in the series, real analysts were involved, who gave their recommendations to the actors and screenwriters so that they could come close to the real work of the FBI investigators. As for the emotional component of "Criminal Minds", it is more harsh compared to similar series - the series demonstrates very terrible crimes of religious fanatics, serial maniacs and high-ranking pedophiles, as well as torture and brutal murders. Each episode of this series keeps the viewer in a nervous tension, since it is rather difficult - and sometimes even impossible - to predict who will be the culprit this time.

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