How To Draw Curtains

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How To Draw Curtains
How To Draw Curtains

Video: How To Draw Curtains

Video: How To Draw Curtains
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Renovation is a good way to change something in life. However, this process requires preparation: it would be nice to think over how the renovated dwelling should look like and draw sketches. Curtains are an important element of decor, so you should pay special attention to them.

How to draw curtains
How to draw curtains


Step 1

First of all, think about how you want to decorate the windows: classic style, luxurious baroque or minimalism. Most often, this element of the interior is kept in the same vein as the whole room, however, sometimes the play on contrasts gives excellent results. Explore interior design magazines, curtain sewing catalogs. After that, you can start drawing sketches.

Step 2

To begin with, practice drawing the curtains separately, do not immediately strive to create a detailed projection of the future room. To depict traditional vertical curtains, draw two long, parallel lines - these are the side borders of the panels, and then connect them to form a rectangle.

Step 3

After that, you need to depict the folds in the fabric. To do this, draw several vertical lines in the rectangle, and at the bottom make the resulting "columns" rounded. To give the folds a three-dimensional look, carefully shade each of them on one side with frequent semicircular lines.

Step 4

To depict a lambrequin, draw a horizontal line, and under it - a semicircular line, connecting them. Draw horizontal folds: inside the shape, draw several rounded lines, while their angle of curvature should increase from top to bottom. Use shading to add volume to the curtains.

Step 5

To draw the blinds, draw a rectangle and draw many parallel horizontal lines inside it. Draw the lace that controls the structure on the side.

Step 6

After you learn how to draw the curtains separately, you can move on to the image of the window decoration as a whole, and then to the full floor plan. Practice depicting the texture of the curtain material. Experiment with the color of the material and adding different decorative elements: garters, brushes, etc.

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