How To Make Curtains In A Car

How To Make Curtains In A Car
How To Make Curtains In A Car

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Car curtains have an aesthetic and practical function. In addition, in contrast to glass tinting, road inspection employees have no complaints about curtains in a car. Such curtains are easy to sew by yourself, for example, from a fabric color suitable for the interior of your car.

How to make curtains in a car
How to make curtains in a car

It is necessary

  • - the cloth;
  • - threads, scissors, measuring tape;
  • - pencil or marker on fabric, ruler;
  • - curtain string and a set of fasteners


Step 1

Measure the dimensions of the windows in your car. Based on these dimensions, determine the required size of the curtains for each window.

Step 2

On a piece of paper (you can use a sheet of newspaper), make a curtain pattern. To do this, draw a shape with side dimensions equal to the car window. Attach the resulting shape to the window. If necessary, the pattern can be adjusted. Add or reduce where needed.

Step 3

If you want to sew a simple curtain, without draperies, then transfer the resulting pattern to the fabric. When doing this, take into account the position of the right and wrong sides of the fabric. The front side should look into the interior of the car. Accordingly, when cutting out on fabric, you need to take into account the location of the window, on which a specific curtain will be attached in the future.

Step 4

The curtain can be additionally decorated. Give it originality by making draperies (folds). A curtain with opposite folds at regular intervals will look beautiful. For such a curtain, you need to additionally work with a paper pattern. At equal distances from each other (for example, 4 cm), draw vertical lines at right angles to the bottom edge of the pattern (for further convenience, the resulting stripes of the pattern can be numbered). Cut along the lines you have drawn.

Step 5

Put the resulting stripes of the pattern on the fabric in order of priority at the same distance from each other (4 cm). These extra centimeters of fabric will be used to form the opposite folds. Transfer the pattern to the fabric. For seam allowances, add 3 cm at the sides and 6 cm at the top and bottom. Cut the curtain you cut out of the fabric.

Step 6

Sew with a hem seam on the sides. You can add an extra stitching to the hem to shape the side edges.

Step 7

If your curtain is pleated, then fold in the pleats and stitch them 11 cm from the top and bottom. Spread them evenly until you get the result of opposite folds, securing with safety pins. Iron.

Step 8

Fold the top and bottom edges of the curtain 1 cm to the wrong side and iron. Then fold it 5 cm in the same way. As a result, the hem should come out to the border of the stitched folds. Sew with a hem seam. Make an additional 2 more horizontal stitches in the middle of the resulting stitching edge for the curtain channel.

Step 9

Thread the strings of the required length into the finished curtain. Fix the edges of the curtain strings to the car door using special fasteners.

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