How To Draw A Stranger

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How To Draw A Stranger
How To Draw A Stranger

Video: How To Draw A Stranger

Video: How To Draw A Stranger
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Surely everyone watched the cult film "Alien", as well as its sequel. All over the world, you can find a huge number of fans of this fantastic movie saga, and the image of the Alien can be safely called one of the best visual images that were once created in science fiction films about aliens. Many film fans dream of learning how to draw their favorite character. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

How to draw a stranger
How to draw a stranger


Step 1

The Alien figure, despite its complexity and a large number of small details, consists, like any other figure, of basic geometric shapes. Examine the original Alien to determine the main lines that follow the outline of his body.

Step 2

Draw a narrow, elongated, and forward tilted oval. To the right and down from the oval, draw a broken and curving line that follows the curves of the character's body. After that, draw in the corner formed by the head and neck, the lower jaw of the Alien, and just below the neck draw a circle that forms the shoulder.

Step 3

Sketch the outlines of a forelimb with a rounded joint extending from the shoulder. Then, draw an elongated oval that forms the seated character's thigh.

Step 4

On the lower and upper jaw, draw a line of teeth, and then draw with several lines the outlines of the Alien's neck. Draw a brush on the lower part of the arm, and refine the thigh, form the outlines of the knee and draw the lower leg as if the character is squatting.

Step 5

Draw a curving back shape that merges into an upward curled tail. Detail the teeth, dividing them into small fragments, and connect the outlines of the Alien's arm and leg with smooth lines.

Step 6

Draw toes on the hand and foot. Detail the contours of the figure, add the outlines of the muscles, draw volumetric ribs and bones, and draw small spikes on the back and tail.

Step 7

You can scan and modify the finished Alien image in Photoshop by coloring it and giving it a biomechanical shape.

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