How To Fish In Winter

How To Fish In Winter
How To Fish In Winter

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Fishing happens not only in summer, when it is warm and there is access to open water. Real fishermen are not afraid of snow, wind or ice, because fish is everywhere and always, you just need to be able to catch it.

If there is fish, frost is not terrible
If there is fish, frost is not terrible

It is necessary

  • Pond with fish
  • Winter fishing tackle
  • Special devices (box, ice screw, scoop, hook)
  • Warm clothing


Step 1

The first step for winter fishing is to study those places in summer and autumn where winter fishing is supposed to, in order to remember deep places, shallows, bottom relief.

Step 2

Then, after determining the place of fishing, you need to decide what kind of fish you will fish. This will determine what gear needs to be prepared. It is best to equip several types of rods so that you can simply change the tackle in the absence of bites, and not tie the line in the cold.

Step 3

After that, several holes should be drilled on the selected area of ​​ice. The distance between them should be from 0.5 to 3 m from each other. After drilling into the hole, you need to throw a little bait, and then lightly sprinkle the hole with snow so that the fish is not afraid of the light and comes up to the bait.

Step 4

Then you need to lower the collected winter tackle into the hole and make several movements with the rod, "play" with it. In the absence of bites, you need to move to another hole. If there is still no bite, then you need to change the tackle.

Step 5

If the fish has pecked, then it is carefully taken out of the hole and shaken off onto the ice. Then the tackle is again lowered into the water, having previously baited it, if a live bait is used, and not a jig or spoon.

If a large fish comes across, a hook is used to remove it from the hole.

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