How To Weave Thread Baubles

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How To Weave Thread Baubles
How To Weave Thread Baubles

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Baubles made of multi-colored threads tied in knots are a symbol of friendship and joy, and today both girls and guys are happy to make them by hand to wear on their own or to present as a gift to loved ones and friends. A thread bauble can diversify your appearance, make it brighter and more informal, and you can learn how to weave such baubles in a matter of minutes.

How to weave thread baubles
How to weave thread baubles

It is necessary

floss thread


Step 1

Choose the colors of the threads from which you will weave the bracelet, and then cut the multi-colored floss threads into 8 pieces of equal length. Usually it is enough to take a length of a little more than a meter - then you have enough thread for the baubles itself, and in order to make comfortable ties in the form of braids.

Step 2

Tie the ends of the threads into a knot, leaving a ponytail for a tie, and attach it to the back of the sofa with a safety pin.

Step 3

Distribute the threads according to the colors one after the other, as you plan to see these colors on the finished bauble, and finally, start weaving. The weaving technique is very simple - take the thread on the far left and start tying all the threads to the right of it with double knots.

Step 4

Tie the second, third, fourth and all remaining threads in sequence until the left thread is at the right edge of the bauble. Go to the leftmost thread again - now this thread will be a different color.

Step 5

Continue tying with double knots the adjacent adjacent threads, and then, when this thread also goes to the right, go back to the left. Thus, continue to weave the lines of knots from left to right, swapping the threads in places - you will soon see that the bauble is formed in the form of a canvas with diagonal lines of different colors.

Step 6

Weave such diagonal lines until you add the desired length of the bauble. When the bauble reaches the desired length, tie a knot and braid at the end.

Step 7

Having mastered the simplest weaving method, you can weave a bauble with a more complex herringbone pattern. Weave until the middle of the row as described above, and then begin to weave from the right edge, directing the knots towards the center from right to left.

Step 8

In the center, tie two threads with a knot - the resulting line will resemble an arrow pointing down. By combining different weaving patterns, you can create interesting and original baubles that will complement any style.

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