Tom Cruise: Biography, Career, Personal Life

Tom Cruise: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Tom Cruise: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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There is a holiday in Japan dedicated to this actor. Celebrated on October 10. He achieved this recognition thanks to his role in the film "The Last Samurai". We are talking about the favorite of numerous fans, Tom Cruise. Popularity brought him roles in the films "The Best Shooter" and "Interview with the Vampire." But in his filmography there was a place for other successful projects.

Actor Tom Cruise
Actor Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is not only a famous actor, but also an aspiring director. During his long career, he managed to win a huge number of awards and prestigious film awards. He is currently one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. However, at a young age, Tom Cruise was not even going to conquer the film industry. In his dreams, he was a priest.


A famous artist was born in the state of New York, in a town called Syracuse. It happened at the very beginning of July 1962. My father worked as an electrician, and my mother taught at school. However, she subsequently gave up this profession and became an actress. In addition to Tom, three more girls grew up in the family. The childhood of the future actor can hardly be called happy. He grew up in almost complete poverty. In addition, the father often beat the boy for any reason.

The marriage broke up when the guy was 12 years old. His mother began to raise him, like other children. To help, Tom started looking for work. He worked as a cleaner and courier, helped a porter. The guy agreed to any activity.

The family of the future Hollywood star often traveled around the country without staying in one place for a long time. Therefore, the training was terrible. He practically did not have time to study. Yes, and with their own goals it was not possible to determine. In addition to studying, he went in for sports. He played hockey, attended figure skating, wrestling. However, a knee injury prevented him from building a sports career.

For some time he attended the Franciscan seminary. At one time I even thought about becoming a clergyman. However, in his biography, everything changed after several school performances in which he took part. Tom Cruise decided to become an actor.

First steps to success

Tom Cruise has set himself the goal of being successful in the film industry in 10 years. But thanks to perseverance and confidence in his own capabilities, he achieved what he wanted in a shorter period of time. To devote all his attention only to his acting career, he left school early and moved to New York. At that time he was 19 years old. He didn’t even come to his own prom, because he was performing in the play.

Actor Tom Cruise
Actor Tom Cruise

At first, luck stubbornly turned away from the novice actor. He could not show his talent in auditions. However, Tom Cruise did not despair. I spent my free time on the analysis of my own performances and self-development. In the end, he got his way.

First roles

First appeared on the screens of Tom Cruise in the motion picture "Endless Love". It happened in 1981. Then there was an insignificant role in the multi-part project "Lights Out", according to which the series "Kadetstvo" was filmed in Russia. It was in this film that the novice actor was noticed by the directors and began to be invited to their projects.

Less than a couple of months later, Tom was already working hard on the set of The Outsiders. Then there was a role in the movie "Risky Business". In casting, he bypassed actors such as Tom Hanks and Nicolas Cage. The director decided to bet on a novice actor and he was right. Tom's acting was highly appreciated by film critics, after which his career began to gain momentum.

In the filmography of Tom Cruise, there are more than 40 film projects. In many films, he not only starred, but also worked as a director.

Iconic roles

The first success came to Tom Cruise in 1986. The cult film project “The Best Shooter” was released on TV screens. The aspiring actor managed to get the main role.The more famous actress Kelly McGillis became his partner on the site. After its release, the film was nominated several times for prestigious awards.

Tom Cruise as a vampire
Tom Cruise as a vampire

The popularity was consolidated thanks to the filming in the film "Rain Man". Tom Cruise got the lead role as a guy named Charlie. Dustin Hoffman, who also appeared in front of the audience in the lead role, worked with him on the same site. In 1994, the mystical film Interview with the Vampire was released. And again, Tom Cruise stars in the title role. Together with him, such Hollywood stars as Antonio Banderas and Brad Pitt took part in the filming.

Among the successful film projects, one should also highlight such films as "Magnolia", "Eyes Wide Shut", "The Last Samurai", "Vanilla Sky", "Knight of the Day", "Jack Reacher" (2 parts), "Made in America", "Edge of the Future", "Oblivion", "War of the Worlds", "The Mummy". There are plans to shoot the film "Best Shooter 2".

Role of a CIA agent

Speaking about the actor Tom Cruise, one cannot but mention the series of films “Mission Impossible”. The first part was filmed back in 1996. The last part was shown in 2018. Tom Cruise starred in all film projects, playing CIA agent Ethan Hunt.

Tom Cruise and Vladimir Mashkov
Tom Cruise and Vladimir Mashkov

All the projects in this series have been nominated for numerous film awards, including the Golden Raspberry. On the set, such actors as Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg worked with Tom. And Vladimir Mashkov appeared in one of the units.

A hobby that ruined personal life

In Russia, the Church of Scientology is prohibited because considered extremist. However, there is no such prohibition in the United States. The churches are functioning normally. And among the most famous followers is actor Tom Cruise. He became a novice in 1990 thanks to his wife Mimi Rogers.

However, it was this hobby that had a negative impact on his personal life. Religious divisions have ruined several of Tom Cruise's marriages. By the way, the actor transfers almost all of his income to the church.

Off-set success

The first wife is Mimi Rogers. The wedding took place in 1997. The relationship lasted three years. Then Tom Cruise achieved dizzying success, began to receive large fees. She also became interested in Scientology. There was a period when I wanted to give up everything and become a monk. All this led to conflicts with Mimi. The relationship finally fell apart when the actor started a relationship with Nicole Kidman.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman met while working on the motion picture Days of Thunder. The actor fell in love with the girl so much that he bought a plane and named it after her. At first, everything was fine in the relationship. Nicole even began to share his hobbies. However, then she realized that religion did not suit her, which is why conflicts began to arise. The discord was also facilitated by the fact that Nicole could not give birth. As a result, they decided to adopt children, but this did not help to avoid conflicts. The relationship finally fell apart at the moment when the movie "Eyes Wide Shut" was released.

The next chosen one was Penelope Cruz. The acquaintance took place on the set of the film "Vanilla Sky". The relationship fell apart three years later due to Scientology. In the church, Tom Cruise was turned against Penelope, who adhered to Buddhism and categorically refused to support the hobbies of her chosen one.

Acquaintance with the next darling happened during a reception. She was the aspiring actress Katie Holmes. The proposal was made at the Eiffel Tower. For Tom's sake, the girl forgot about her ambitions. She married the actor according to all the customs of the Church of Scientology, gave birth to a daughter, Suri. But the divorce could not be avoided anyway.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Rumor has it that the breakup was due to Scientology. The actor became so involved in religion that he wanted to send his daughter to church at a very young age.In addition, Tom wanted to send his daughter to a school that was completely focused on the teachings of Scientology. However, Katie was against it. In the end, she did not allow this to be done, which led to a divorce. During the trial, the actress's petition for sole custody of the child was granted.


At the present stage, the actor is over 50 years old. But directors still need his services. The filmography is constantly updated with new projects. There was a place in his life for both ups and downs. His biography is a symbol of what can be achieved through tremendous work, professionalism and perseverance.

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