How To Stop Surfing The Internet

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How To Stop Surfing The Internet
How To Stop Surfing The Internet

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The Internet is a great invention of humanity. Without leaving home, you can easily find out what is happening in another part of the world, chat with a friend, get almost any information. But virtual life draws in people, makes them addicted to the computer. And now parents and psychologists are concerned that not everyone is able to learn how to limit their online presence. How to stop surfing the Internet?

How to stop surfing the Internet
How to stop surfing the Internet


Step 1

Realize that the most valuable thing a person has is reality. Chatting or endlessly checking the news feed of a social network, and meanwhile the best years of your life pass. Time cannot be returned, it goes away forever. It is an irreplaceable and most valuable resource. Imagine yourself in five years, ten, twenty, fifty. What if you don't change anything in your life? Can you be proud of the past years? Will there be someone to pass on life experience? Is there a person nearby who can pat on the shoulder and support in difficult times? Or will your whole life be in virtual space? Imagine that at one point the Internet will be gone. Can you survive and be happy?

Step 2

Start getting rid of your internet addiction. To do this, find interests and entertainment in real life. If you just turn off the computer, then another addiction will come - the TV. Look around. There are so many interesting things in the world! Go dancing, exploring, traveling, chatting, playing board games with your friends.

Step 3

Take your friends for a walk. Think about where you will go and what you will do. Visit the huge old oak trees in the park, go boating, feed the ducks. Or arrange a get-together by collectively making dumplings. Compose joint fairy tales, where everyone adds sentence after sentence in a circle. Think of other fun and interesting activities. If your online friends refuse to meet you, which they may well be, find real-life acquaintances. To do this, it is enough to go to some group or get-together according to your interests: an evening of bardic songs, presentation of an album, courses in psychology, public speaking, modeling, cutting and sewing. You have enough strength! Try it!

Step 4

Think about what tasks you cannot solve in real life and are closed from problems by the Internet? Perhaps this is loneliness, lack of demand, the complexity of communications. Start solving them today. Become necessary for your friends by teaching them how to organize their leisure time. Get to know the opposite sex together, in companies it is easier than doing it alone.

Step 5

If you have to frequently visit the Internet on business issues, then your task is more difficult. Regulate your online activities, control the moments when you want to be distracted from business and start wasting time chatting with virtual friends about anything, or carried away by an unrelated ad. Stop yourself, return to the task set initially. If you feel like the internet is pulling you in, then change your lifestyle and work.

Step 6

Don't exclude the internet completely from your life. To set the “not to go online” directive would mean going to the other extreme. This is not good. The Internet is a valuable resource. Set yourself time limits for using the network. For example, a couple of hours in the morning and the same in the evening. Or don't surf the internet after ten in the evening.

Step 7

Don't be afraid to miss out on an important social media event. Try an experiment: don't show up there for a week and then see if something has changed? You will be amazed at the research results! Don't be afraid to be forgotten. A dedicated hour or two on the internet a day is enough to blog and respond to comments.

Step 8

Now shut down your computer.

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