How To Quickly Learn To Shoot

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How To Quickly Learn To Shoot
How To Quickly Learn To Shoot

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Not many can boast of the ability to shoot accurately. Meanwhile, this skill can be developed by hard training and special exercises.

Air rifle sport shooting
Air rifle sport shooting

When learning to shoot, you need to use the same weapon from which you plan to fire in the future. Training can be carried out both through blank shooting at home, and with live ammunition in a specialized shooting range. In the latter case, the result will be more evident, although this causes additional financial costs.

Grip training

First of all, you need to learn how to properly hold a weapon. The main task is to be able to correctly distribute the weight of the weapon while holding it in your hands. The rifle is gripped with two hands: the right hand tightly wraps around the horn of the stock or pistol grip, the finger rests on the protective trigger guard. The left hand only holds the fore-end, but does not squeeze it. The task of the left hand is to cushion the swinging barrel, so it must take over any vibrations and not transmit blood pulsations to the rifle body.

The grip of the pistol during training should only be done with the right hand. In this case, the left hand hides behind the back and bends at the elbow. You need to hold a one-handed weapon without much effort, but tightly and not loosely. The difference between pistols is that they always strive to go muzzle down due to the shifted center of gravity. This must be taken into account and the brush should be positioned in such a way that it does not flow from prolonged load.

Practicing a smooth descent

If the correct grip has a greater impact on the convenience of aiming, then a correctly squeezed trigger ensures the accuracy of the shot. You need to squeeze the trigger very smoothly, gradually increasing the pull on the trigger. The main mistake of novice shooters is impatience, because of which they squeeze the last third of the trigger instantly, tired of waiting for a shot. At the same time, the descent should be somewhat unexpected for the shooter himself. The trigger should be pulled in the middle of the pad of the first phalanx of the index finger. Pressing a different area often leads to a sidetrack of the barrel. The shot should be taken on exhalation, when the lungs do not exert pressure on the heart and fewer vibrations are transmitted to the trunk.

Using different scopes

The sights of the open type have an aiming bar with two and a front sight with one contrasting points. Aiming consists in visually aligning the points in one horizontal line and aiming the midpoint on the aiming object. Diopter sights do not require the combination of two sights on the same line, and therefore they are often equipped with assault weapons, which are fired offhand. For aiming in a diopter sight, a front sight is used, which can be in the form of a ring or a vertical rectangle. In the process of aiming, it can be difficult to keep the target on the front sight for a long time, so the shot is fired at the first best opportunity. If the shooter has a correct grip and trigger, then there is an almost complete probability that the bullet will land exactly at the point where he was aiming.

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