How To Make An Elephant Mask

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How To Make An Elephant Mask
How To Make An Elephant Mask

Video: How To Make An Elephant Mask

Video: How To Make An Elephant Mask
Video: Elefanten Maske basteln mit Lena 2023, June

It is impossible not to notice an elephant, and an elephant's mask cannot be confused with any other. It is enough to attach a long trunk, large ears, small tusks - and the image is ready.

How to make an elephant mask
How to make an elephant mask

It is necessary

  • - regular styrene mask from the store;
  • - cardboard or thick film;
  • - resin for car repair (glass);
  • - some cotton fabric;
  • - markers;
  • - stationery glue, stapler.


Step 1

Buy a simple thin mask that follows the outline of a human face. First try it on your child and mark how the eye slits need to be adjusted to make them feel comfortable. Mark with a felt-tip pen the new shape of the eyes, the lines on the left and right, where you need to make the slits with a dotted line to insert the ears, the cut line of the lower part of the mask.

Step 2

Cut off the entire bottom of the mask with a convex oval line, from the middle of the cheek through the middle of the nose to the other cheek. Mark a dotted line along the top of the cut where the trunk will be attached. Cut out a new eye contour and contour slots.

Step 3

Strengthen the mask: turn it over and spread with a thin layer of polyurethane car repair resin, leave to dry for ten minutes. Cover again with a layer of resin and lay on top of the cotton cloth, leave for two hours, then cut off the excess cloth with scissors and make slits in the cloth where the trunk and ears are attached.

Step 4

Cut the trunk out of cardboard or thick film (you can use a stationery folder) in the form of a long, narrow triangle. Cut the side cuts in the shape of triangles, leaving small tabs for gluing the cutouts. Along the top cut, make several hook-shaped protrusions that could be inserted into the slots and fasten the trunk to the mask.

Step 5

Cut the ears and tusks out of cardboard or foil. At the place where the ears are attached to the mask, cut out the protrusions for attachment. Paint the mask, trunk, ears and tusks, paint wrinkles near the eyes and on the trunk with black paint or a felt-tip pen. If you made the ears, tusks, and the trunk from film, duplicate the details on paper of the appropriate color and paste.

Step 6

Glue the trunk, giving it a convex shape. If you made the trunk out of film, use a stapler to staple the triangular cutouts. Glue the tusks to the bottom of the mask, insert the tabs into the slots. Peel back the tabs on the inside of the mask and glue to it.

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