How To Cut With A Mask

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How To Cut With A Mask
How To Cut With A Mask

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There are many ways to cut and move an object in Adobe Photoshop. One of them involves the use of the "Mask" command, and therefore is called "masking". It is most often used when a complex object needs to be cut.

How to cut with a mask
How to cut with a mask


Step 1

Open the desired image in Adobe Photoshop. Turn on the channels palette (Window - Channels). Go to the channels tab and create a new channel. To do this, click on the arrow in the corner and select New channel. A new layer will appear at the bottom of the palette, it will be located under the RGB, Red, Green, Blue channels and will be called Alpha 1.

Step 2

Make all channels visible. To do this, turn on all the icons with eyes in the squares next to the channel names. When you do this, your image will turn red, as if it were covered with red transparent film.

Step 3

Select the Alpha 1 channel. Take the Brush tool, select white and start painting over the entire area of ​​the image except the one you want to cut out. Try to paint it evenly. If you are having trouble keeping the boundaries, use the Lasso tool. If you drew the wrong line, choose black instead of white on the palette and correct the image. In addition, you can always undo the last action with the command ctrl + z or Edit - Undo. Using a brush with soft edges, you can select an object so that it has blurred edges.

Step 4

Now select the desired object. To do this, click on the dotted icon at the bottom of the channel window. The object is highlighted. Copy it. To do this, press ctrl + c or select the Edit - Copy command. Then create a new layer (Layers - New Layer) and press ctrl + v. Now you have the desired object on a new layer. You can make the bottom layer (Backgroung) invisible or completely delete so that it does not interfere.

Step 5

Save the remaining layer as PSD so you can use it later for pasting into other images. You can immediately drag the cut object to another image. To do this, just drag it with your mouse.

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