How To Sew A Tunic Dress In Half An Hour

How To Sew A Tunic Dress In Half An Hour
How To Sew A Tunic Dress In Half An Hour

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The tunic dress is loose-fitting, so you don't need to make darts when creating it. This garment will not need a clasp either. All this will help save time and quickly sew a fashionable new thing.

How to sew a tunic dress in half an hour
How to sew a tunic dress in half an hour

The tunic dress is comfortable. It does not hinder movement. The material for the product requires little. You need to buy a cut equal to two lengths of the future product. Even a narrow fabric with a width of 90 cm is suitable for it.If you are distinguished by curvaceous shapes, get a cut, the width of which is 120-150 cm.

Take a T-shirt as a base

If you have a pattern, great. If it's not there, that's not a problem. Take a T-shirt that fits you loosely without being tight. If you don't have one, borrow it from a larger husband than you.

Fold a piece of fabric face to face in half widthwise. Attach the T-shirt, straighten its sleeves, pin it to the canvas with pins. Extend the shirt down to the desired length by drawing two vertical lines with a ruler. Cut the fabric along the contours of the T-shirt and the extension lines, leaving a 1 cm allowance on all sides, and 3 cm for the hem of the bottom. Cut along the back, as this part has a smaller neckline. Set aside this part for now, take the cut out shelf (in front). Pin the neckline of the T-shirt to its upper part, make a cutout along it. Leave the rest of the pieces the same as you cut them before.

Make 2 patch pockets from the leftover fabric. To do this, cut out two 17x20 cm pieces. Take a 15x17 cm piece of cardboard. Put the pocket detail on it, smooth the edges. Stitch the top of the pockets. Sew them on the sides of the shelf.

It is necessary to cut out a facing to decorate the gate. Place the front and back of the necks over the remaining fabric. Outline them, cut out the piping 2.5 cm wide

Fold the shelf and backrest face to face, sew them on the sides. Stitch the edges of the one-piece sleeves. Sew the front and back facing together on the sides. Attach this piece to the front of the neckline, grind, iron the seam. Turn the piping over so that its wrong side is on the wrong side of the neckline, bend the edge, and hem the piping.

Cut the bottom on your hands or sew on a typewriter. The latter option will help you sew a tunic dress faster. Iron the seams, the product is ready.

With or without pattern

If there is no T-shirt, redraw the pattern on transparent paper, cut out these 2 parts, attach to the fabric and cut and sew in the same way. If there is no pattern, measure your hips, divide this figure in half, add 6 cm. Draw a rectangle of the desired length (it is equal to the length of the tunic), its width is the figure you just received.

In the middle at the top of the small side of the rectangle, draw a circular cut. Next, the line of the shoulders. It is extended sideways by 18, and down by 15 cm, then again goes to the rectangle horizontally by 18 cm. The sleeve is 18 cm long and 30 cm wide (15 and 15). This is the front detail. In the same way, cut out the back detail, making the neckline not so deep.

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