Linda Hamilton: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Linda Hamilton: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Linda Hamilton: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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American actress Linda Hamilton is known for her roles in two "Terminators" by James Cameron. The famous performer was made the pictures "Terminator" and "Terminator 2: Judgment Day".

Linda Hamilton: biography, career, personal life
Linda Hamilton: biography, career, personal life

The success of the American star in the cinema was firmly consolidated by the films "The Rising of the Black Moon", "King Kong is Alive" and the multi-part film "Beauty and the Beast".

Childhood problems

Linda Carroll Hamilton was born in a medical family in September 1956 in Salisbury. Together with her, with a difference of six minutes, her younger sister Leslie was born.

Their parents already had a child, a daughter. A year after the twins, the girls had a younger brother. When Leslie and Linda were five, their father died in a car accident.

Hamilton was always worried about the resemblance to her sister. She did everything to somehow differ from Leslie, her photocopy.

Over time, the struggle turned into a real problem. Due to her obsession with the desired dissimilarity, Linda developed a mental illness.

The diagnosis was disappointing: manic-depressive syndrome. The girl, wanting to avoid resemblance to her sister, decided on unthinkable experiments with appearance, up to cutting eyelashes and gaining weight.

Linda Hamilton: biography, career, personal life
Linda Hamilton: biography, career, personal life

To combat the disease, specialists prescribed psychiatric treatment for the patient. We managed to cope with the disease. As a result, Leslie and Linda became friends by the age of thirty.

Fateful decision

From childhood, the future celebrity was not at all interested in the acting profession. She decided to be an archaeologist. But the sisters often appeared in amateur performances on stage.

The girl grew up in an ordinary family. Linda read every free minute, hoping for exciting events, at least in a work of fiction. Therefore, in the future, her efforts were rewarded.

In 1979, Hamilton graduated from Chestertown College. With her sister, the girl went to Maryland. It was there that Linda made the final decision to be an actress.

Straight from Maryland, the future celebrity went to New York for Lee Strastberg's courses. The girl took her first steps on the way to the top in California.

An unknown performer was invited to star in the television series Secrets of Midland Heights. This work provided the girl with recognition. The debut in a full-length film took place in 1982. The Killing Game appeared on the screens.

Linda Hamilton: biography, career, personal life
Linda Hamilton: biography, career, personal life

In 1984, fame simply fell on the aspiring performer. Viewers watched Cameron's new work "The Terminator". The film instantly became a cult hit.

The girl played the main role in the project. She played with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The creators of an unremarkable and ordinary fantastic action movie not of the highest standard did not even expect such a success.

The filming participants woke up to be real stars. The decisive moment in Linda's cinematic biography was her participation in this film.

Recognition and glory

The continuation of the film "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" was even more successful. Hamilton, according to its results, was in the list of fifty most beautiful people in the world.

The creators of the tape during the rental received fabulous fees. And the project won four Oscars. The actress was awarded the MTV Award. By that time, she already had both a Golden Globe and an Emmy for her performance of Catherine in Beauty and the Beast.

Against the background of other works, "Children of the Corn" and "Dante's Peak" stand out more clearly. In the last picture, the performer worked with Pierce Brosnan.

Linda Hamilton: biography, career, personal life
Linda Hamilton: biography, career, personal life

Linda took part in the project "Terminator: May the Savior Come". When the main character, John Connor, listens to the recordings of his mother, Hamilton's voice sounds in the frame.

The performer said that she was ready for further participation in the filming of the franchise. She is very interested in playing the role of a cyborg created in the likeness of her heroine. Linda hoped that for this she would need fitness in order not to look old and fat.

The actress believed that the creators of the picture would come up with the idea to make her heroine younger, since a comparison with twenty-five-year-old Connor would not be in favor of Hamilton. However, all efforts will not bring success.

For filming in the next part of "Terminator: Genesis", the age performer did not fit. Her role was successfully played by Emilia Clarke, known for the TV series "Game of Thrones".

Personal life of a celebrity

Married Hamilton visited twice. Her first husband was Bruce Abbott. Linda's first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. But the couple's child was still born. They called the baby Dalton.

The son could not save the falling apart marriage. Family life provoked the development of bipolar disorder in the actress. Frequent nervous breakdowns, aggravated by depression, only accelerated the breakup.

Linda Hamilton: biography, career, personal life
Linda Hamilton: biography, career, personal life

But Linda was able to establish her personal life again. On the set of The Terminator, the performer became close to the film's director, James Cameron. The sudden outbreak of mutual sympathy led to the collapse of the director's marriage with Catherine Bigelow.

James and Linda had a daughter, Josephine, in 1993. In 1997, the celebrities were legally married. True, it officially sold out after a couple of years. Hamilton currently resides in Malibu.

After breaking up with Cameron, the actress received fifty million compensation. This allowed the celebrity to remain a very wealthy person. However, Linda is not going to stop participating in the filming, just as she is not going to quit smoking.

The last film, in which the performer took part, was "Challenge". It tells about the coexistence of aliens and humans after their long war. The genre is familiar to the performer, and the audience took the fantastic thriller positively.

In 2017, the media announced Hamilton's participation in the film Is It Easy. The director offered Linde the main role, as her energy fully corresponds to the character he intended.

Linda Hamilton: biography, career, personal life
Linda Hamilton: biography, career, personal life

The creative activity of the adored star is vividly discussed in social networks by fans. The performer is not going to end her career. So there is a chance to see her in new interesting projects.

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