How To Play Metallica On Guitar

How To Play Metallica On Guitar
How To Play Metallica On Guitar

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The compositions of the Metallica group are distinguished by high precision and technical performance. Moreover, some subtleties are inherent in both heavy content and melodic semi-acoustic songs.

How to play
How to play

It is necessary

Electric guitar, computer with internet connection


Step 1

Start your Metallica practice with the popular Nothing Else Matters tune. This song is distinguished by the clarity of removing notes when playing the initial loss. As you know, Nothing Else Matters begins with an acoustic performance of open guitar strings. Try to play it so that the open strings that are not part of the melody do not rattle or produce dissonant sounds. To do this, you can either mute them with your right or left hand, or hold down the fourth and fifth strings at the second fret. The fact is that the initial play of this melody is actually part of the E-minor chord, so you have the opportunity to complete it completely by taking it on the second fret and thus not distorting the overall picture of the melody.

Step 2

Please note that a large number of the band's songs are characterized by very heavy performance, typical of the "metal" direction. An example of such compositions is the song Suicide and Redemption. Try to learn the structure of this song by downloading its tablature from the Internet. As you know, playing in this style is distinguished by the clarity of the attack and the great role of muffling the strings with the right hand. Listen to the technique of performing the song. A large number of chords being played are played on muted strings. Do not forget also that at the same moment, strings that are not used in the game must be muted constantly.

Step 3

Do not try to play Metallica songs exactly as indicated on the tablatures. Try to play chords where you feel comfortable and also where they sound most colorful. Use the pickup pickup located in the bridge area more often to make the sound more mellow when playing.

Step 4

Pay particular attention to the accuracy of the band's guitar solos. Suicide and Redemption is also great for this purpose, as it has both an acoustic guitar solo and an electric one. As you know, the solo parts of James Hetfield and Kirk Lee Hammett, the band's guitarists, are notable for their high speed of performance. Do not try to play at the same speed at once, start playing slowly, gradually increasing the speed over and over again.

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