How To Play Army Fighting Guitar

How To Play Army Fighting Guitar
How To Play Army Fighting Guitar

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There are a huge number of guitar playing tricks. Most guitarists use guitar striking in their playing. This technique is characterized by loud sounding and requires a certain skill of performance. There are also many types of combat. One of the most common is the "six", which is also called "army battle". Most army songs are performed using this technique.

How to Play Army Fighting Guitar
How to Play Army Fighting Guitar


Step 1

Learn the technique in theory. "Six" is of two types. The first way of playing is performed without muffling the strings. The second type of "army battle" involves jamming the strings. You will need to learn how to play in two ways, as depending on the song you will need to choose a particular way of accompaniment. Some songs can be performed either in one way or in another.

Step 2

Go to practice. Learn to play the six without a plug. This technique consists of six elements: down, down, up, up, down, up. Thus, you hit the strings first down, then down again, and then in a pattern. You can hit the strings with your thumb or multiple fingers. Traditionally, only the index finger is used for "army combat". During practice, it is difficult to realize precisely the transition from the fourth element to the fifth. Therefore, focus on this particular part of the technique. Once you have mastered this way of playing, start choosing a rhythm. Then move on to the study of the second type of "six".

Step 3

Learn to play "army combat" with strings plugged. This technique differs from the previous one only by the presence of two plugs. The scheme of this fight is as follows: down, jamming, up, up, jamming, up. That is, instead of two "down" we play muffling the strings with the edge of the palm. Here you should pay attention to the transition between the fifth element and the sixth. It is also difficult for beginners to make a smooth and rhythmic transition between the sixth and first element (when repeating the technique).

Step 4

Start your practice using two chords. Play a complete move for each chord. When switching to another chord, start over. The moment between chord transitions must be precisely worked out. It is important not to lose the rhythm and not get confused in the elements of the fight.

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