How To Learn To Sing Scream

How To Learn To Sing Scream
How To Learn To Sing Scream

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Scream (from the English scream - scream) - a falsetto performance that turns into a screech. The effect of a melodic recitative-scream is created with a tendency to increase the tone. Used in extreme rock and metal styles. There are a few tips to follow when teaching the technique.

How to learn to sing scream
How to learn to sing scream


Step 1

Before singing, drink plenty of liquid: milk, mineral water without gas (gas scratches the vocal cords), warm tea, warm milk. By the way, do not drink cold and scalding hot: both will damage the ligaments, disrupt their elasticity.

Step 2

Eat something sweet. Sugar promotes saliva and the mouth should be kept moist.

Step 3

Sing for a while (up to half an hour) to stretch your ligaments.

Step 4

Take a deep breath. Make sure that a vacuum appears in the abdominal area.

Step 5

As you exhale, tighten your stomach, open your mouth wide. The tongue should take the form of a wave. Exhale as if on a yawn. Air will pass through the false ligaments (a special organ on top of those ligaments with which we sing and talk). The position and activity of the vocal apparatus is similar to an academic setting.

Step 6

The first "screams" will come out as if in a whisper, because the false ligaments are still poorly developed. Over time, your voice will strengthen and you will be able to scream for real.

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