How To Put Disc Brakes On A Bike

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How To Put Disc Brakes On A Bike
How To Put Disc Brakes On A Bike

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To keep yourself safe while mountain biking, you need to have an excellent braking system that will allow you to quickly stop in an emergency. If you are riding on steep slopes and hard braking is very important for you, then it is best to install large diameter disc brakes, and for a quiet ride, the smallest diameter brakes are suitable. You can install them by contacting the wizard or by yourself.

How to put disc brakes on a bike
How to put disc brakes on a bike

It is necessary

  • - clamps;
  • - thread lock;
  • - wire cutters;
  • - five-millimeter hexagon.


Step 1

Remove your old brakes from your bike and clean them of dust and dirt. You should not throw them away, as anything can happen on the road, and they will still be useful to you as a backup.

Step 2

Attach the brake levers to the steering wheel, check if you put them correctly, and then adjust them in the position you want. When installing, be careful not to substitute the right handle instead of the left or vice versa.

Step 3

Install the calipers to the frame. Some caliper models require additional installation of an adapter on them, which is fixed with special bolts. Make sure all bolts have a thread lock. You can recognize its presence by the applied adhesive substance of a bright color. If the retainer is missing, be sure to apply it.

Step 4

Place the brake discs on the hubs and carefully attach them using the bolts provided. Be careful, some of the mounting bolts may have exotic heads that make installation inconvenient. In this case, immediately replace them with other bolts suitable for the hexagon. This will make it easier for you to install the disks and then use them.

Step 5

Secure the hose to the frame using a hose clamp. At this stage of the work, be very careful and careful. If your frame has special guides for the hose, then you will just need to insert it into the desired recesses and clamp it. Very often there are clips on the frames, into which the hydraulic line must be screwed. Take your time here and try not to twist anything, otherwise the result will upset you on your first trip.

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