How To Do Tricks On A Snowboard

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How To Do Tricks On A Snowboard
How To Do Tricks On A Snowboard

Video: How To Do Tricks On A Snowboard

Video: How To Do Tricks On A Snowboard
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Among the various types of extreme winter sports, snowboarding is popular. Snowboarding gives its owner a thrill, and knowing the technique of riding, you can really enjoy such an active holiday. However, the fun can be even greater if you learn how to perform spectacular and interesting tricks on the track. Every snowboarder can learn how to perform tricks, subject to constant training and diligent work.

How to do tricks on a snowboard
How to do tricks on a snowboard


Step 1

To learn how to do simple jumps, go out onto a gentle slope and sit down a bit on your snowboard. Jump, springing forcefully with your front foot, and then try to jump, pushing off with your back foot. Land after jumping on both feet, leveling the snowboard in the air.

Step 2

Once you have mastered Ollie's jumps, move on to more complex tricks, such as rotating the nose and tail of the board. This trick allows you to rotate 180 degrees to go backwards. Sliding forward, transfer your weight to your front leg and, straightening it, lift your back leg and rotate the snowboard 180 degrees.

Step 3

Then release your leg and continue sliding. Try pivoting at both the front and back ends of the board.

Step 4

You can also perform tricks while in the air, while flying after a jump. Rotate your body at the last moment to create an interesting spinning effect in the air, and return to your starting position before landing.

Step 5

An interesting trick is that you grab the board from the back end between the bindings and keep your front arm straight. Leveling and grabbing can only be done if you jumped high enough, as it takes enough time to tuck in flight.

Step 6

In flight, learn to pull your knees and snowboard as close to your chest as possible while maintaining balance. While in flight, throw one leg forward for a bow thrust, or throw out your hind leg for a tail thrust.

Step 7

Capture the piece of the board that is most convenient for you. Perform alternating grips of the board in flight until you feel confident and realize that your technique is improving.