How To Find Out The Number In Roulette

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How To Find Out The Number In Roulette
How To Find Out The Number In Roulette

Video: How To Find Out The Number In Roulette

Video: How To Find Out The Number In Roulette
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To beat the casino is the dream of many roulette lovers, but in most cases it remains unrealizable. In the institution, literally everything, from the interior to the menu in the bar, is aimed at ensuring that the client loses as much money as possible at the gaming table.

How to find out the number in roulette
How to find out the number in roulette


Step 1

Examine the location of the numbers on the wheel. This knowledge will allow you to understand the principle of their loss. The markings may differ depending on the origin of the roulette wheel.

On the European wheel, 37 numbers are compiled (on the American - 38), which are arranged in a chaotic order. Either red or black is tied to each of them. If you look at the playing field, it is easy to notice that the color does not correspond to the even / odd numbers, and zero is colored green at all.

Step 2

Understand the rates that can be placed during the game. The fact is that many novice players make the same mistake: they only bet on a number. Of course, if the required number appears, the winning amount will be 35 times the original bet. But the chances of losing in such a position are great, and you can lose a fortune in a few minutes.

Playing on streaks looks more attractive, since the size of payments when the desired number is dropped will be greater than on equal chances, and the likelihood of a number falling out of the series increases. The European wheel is divided into the following sectors:

- voison (17 numbers);

- Thiers (12 numbers);

- orflines (8 numbers);

- Zero zone (7 numbers).

Step 3

Place your bets before the end of the spin (the movement of the ball on the roulette wheel). In this case, based on the rotation speed, you can determine with maximum accuracy the series in which it will fall.

Step 4

Train constantly. If there is an opportunity to play for free, then do not miss it. Experience backed by knowledge is a faithful assistant in the process of guessing numbers. It will not be superfluous to study popular theories that make it possible to predict the winnings based on previously dropped values. The most popular of these is the Martingale system, which has proven itself when playing on equal chances. However, she has a significant disadvantage: you need to have a sufficient amount of money with you to be able to recoup all possible losses.