How To Bet In Poker

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How To Bet In Poker
How To Bet In Poker

Video: How To Bet In Poker

Video: How To Bet In Poker
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Poker is the world's most popular card game. The one who has the best card combination wins in it. And to win, you need to be able to make poker bets according to all the rules.

How to bet in poker
How to bet in poker


Step 1

If you want to play, then you need to place a bet on the box with the inscription Ante on the poker table. You can play on one or two boxes at once. In this case, first you look at the cards on the first box in the course of the deal, make a decision, and only then look at the cards on the other box.

Step 2

If you are alone at the table, you can play on all boxes at once. At the same time, you can look at the cards only on two boxes, the rest play “in the dark”, but are confirmed by a bet on Bet.

Step 3

After the cards are dealt, you watch them and evaluate their strength. If the combination triples you, confirm the game by placing a bet on the Bet field. The Bet bet must be equal to two Ante bets. Let's say the minimum of the chip table is $ 5. If you bet on Ante in chips for 10 $. e, then the bet on Bet should be equal to 20 cu. e.

Step 4

If the poker hand does not suit you or you do not have a game, fold the cards to the center of the table, and your bet on Ante is lost. If the dealer has no game, then you get paid an Ante 1 to 1 bet.

Step 5

If the dealer has “no game” you may be offered to buy it. For a bet equal to Ante, change the dealer's lowest card. If in this case the dealer does not have a poker hand, your Ante is not paid.

Step 6

If you wish, you can change one or two cards. To do this, place the cards in front of the box and deliver on them the rate corresponding to the given table. If the minimum bet on the table is $ 10, then one card changes for a bet equal to one Ante, two cards - for 1, 5 Ante. If there is at least $ 50 on the table, then two cards are exchanged for one bet equal to 1, 2 Ante.

Step 7

In six card poker, you can buy a sixth card for a bet equal to Ante. If the sixth card was unsuccessful, change one card for a bet equal to Ante. Thus, you have the opportunity to choose a combination twice. After that, you decide whether to confirm the game with a Bet or fold.

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