How To Play Bridge

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How To Play Bridge
How To Play Bridge

Video: How To Play Bridge

Video: How To Play Bridge
Video: How To Play Bridge (Complete Tutorial) 2023, June

Bridge is an intellectual card game that is the only recognized Olympic sport among card games. It is believed that there are only two varieties of the game: rubber, it is also called home, and sports, the one that won the members of the Olympic Committee. However, there are so many fans of this game in the world that many variations with the rules have appeared.

How to play bridge
How to play bridge

It is necessary

  • - deck of cards;
  • - writing sheet and writing materials;
  • - a team of 4 people.


Step 1

Four of us play bridge, sitting opposite each other in pairs. "North" plays with "South", "West" with "East".

Step 2

There are 52 cards in the deck. The goal of each pair is to score the most points, order as many bribes as possible. The goal of the opponents is to assign a higher game or to disrupt the opponents' order.

Step 3

First, the cards are dealt. One at a time, that is, 13 each per game. The trump card is not revealed. The cards are ranked by seniority from deuce to ace. The suits are distributed: clubs, tambourines (majors), hearts, spades (minors).

Step 4

After the change, they start trading clockwise, this is important. It is divided into four types: a significant call (taking a certain number of bribes in excess of six), a pass (refusal), a double (to disrupt the counterparty's application) and a redouble (confirmation of one's application in response to a double).

Step 5

The last significant application is a contract (the obligation to take a certain number of bribes). Those who announced the contract are the playmaker, the opponents are the whistler. The player who was the first to call the suit of the contract in the point guard becomes the “point guard”, the partner - the “dummy”.

Step 6

The whistler to the left of the declarer moves first, the next moves go to the one who took the last trick. Having finished the first move, the "dummy" puts his cards on the table, declarer will dispose of his cards.

Step 7

Points are calculated based on the results of each deal. If players have completed the contract, declarers receive points. Also, points will be awarded for bribes over six. And if the contract is not fulfilled, the whistling pair will receive points.

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