How To Weave Pictures On Baubles

How To Weave Pictures On Baubles
How To Weave Pictures On Baubles

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A beaded bauble is an excellent gift for friends, and it acquires even greater individuality when you weave a beautiful pattern or ornament on the bauble, as well as letter combinations - the initials of a friend or another person to whom you are giving the bauble, or his name. Weaving patterns and letters on beaded bracelets is not as difficult as it seems at first glance - you can do it even with basic beading skills.

How to weave pictures on baubles
How to weave pictures on baubles


Step 1

In order to weave an even fabric with a uniform pattern, cast on a thread with a bead needle seven beads of the desired color and thread the needle through every other bead, forming a mosaic chain. Then string another bead onto the needle and thread the needle through the second bead from it, starting the next row of the bracelet.

Step 2

Continue stringing the beads and thread the needle through every other protruding bead from the previous row. Having reached the end of the row, proceed to weaving the next, starting from the bottom up.

Step 3

Continue to weave the next rows alternately from top to bottom and bottom to top. You can vary the patterns in this weaving technique based on ready-made patterns - weave zigzags, dots, stripes and other simple ornaments with beads of contrasting colors.

Step 4

With the help of beads, you can weave not only simple geometric patterns, but also letters, from which you can make up any words and names. Schemes of ready-made letters of the English and Russian alphabet are easy to find on the Internet - both for direct and for mosaic weaving.

Step 5

Referring to the diagram, in the process of creating baubles, weave beads of a contrasting color, which will form letters and words. A sketch of weaving letter patterns can also be drawn on paper in advance and the required set of beads of one and the other color can be strung on a needle in accordance with a well-thought-out pattern.

Step 6

The weaving technique in this case will not differ from the one described above - you just change the pattern, which will be woven in the same way as described above.

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