We Sew A Christmas Tree From Felt

We Sew A Christmas Tree From Felt
We Sew A Christmas Tree From Felt

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Despite the fact that there are still more than two months left before the New Year holidays, it is high time to think about New Year's decor for home and New Year's souvenirs for loved ones.

We sew a Christmas tree from felt
We sew a Christmas tree from felt

You can sew a very simple felt Christmas tree with your own hands if you choose the simplest pattern - a triangle. Look at the photo - the image of the Christmas tree is recognizable, but the craft does not require any special sewing skills, so I advise you to sew such a Christmas tree with your children.

So, thin green felt, threads in color, bright buttons or beads and beads, a wooden or plastic stick, colored paper, plasticine, filler for soft toys, multi-colored ribbons.

1. Determine the size of the craft. The height of the felt tree should not be too high. In my opinion, the optimal height is about 7-12 cm, the width is one and a half to two times less than the height.

if you are not sure what size Christmas tree you want to make, make a paper pattern, it will help you visualize the future product. Increase or decrease the pattern as needed.

2. Cut two triangles out of green felt, the dimensions of which you determined in step 1, and sew them with a needle-forward seam. Before finishing the seam, put some toy filler in the tree (cotton wool, batting pieces, and the like will also work).

3. Stick a wooden stick into the base of the tree. In order for the felt Christmas tree to hold steadily, the stick should rest against the top of the Christmas tree.

4. Sew on the herringbone bright buttons or beads, beads. Sew a small bow on top of the tree.

5. Mold a small barrel out of plasticine. Wrap it in colored paper, tie it with a ribbon and tie a bow. By the way, instead of plasticine, you can take a small piece of a floral base for bouquets or foam.

6. Stick the tree trunk into the barrel. The craft is ready!

Such a cute felt Christmas tree can be placed on a desktop in the office or at home, on a bookcase shelf. By the way, if you sew a loop from the ribbon to the top of the Christmas tree, then it will be a good keychain for keys (of course, in this case, it will be enough to limit yourself to steps 1 and 2 of the instructions above).

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