How To Recognize Psychic Abilities

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How To Recognize Psychic Abilities
How To Recognize Psychic Abilities

Video: How To Recognize Psychic Abilities

Video: How To Recognize Psychic Abilities
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There are not so few people with supersensible perception and other unusual abilities. But for the majority, these abilities are in a dormant state, so a person may not even suspect that he possesses this or that rare gift.

How to recognize psychic abilities
How to recognize psychic abilities


Step 1

Psychic abilities can manifest themselves in different ways, so there is no single criterion for assessing their presence. Healing is easier for some, others have the gift of clairvoyance, others can influence events, etc. etc. It is possible to reveal unusual abilities through a series of simple experiments.

Step 2

Many people have the capacity for bioenergetic healing. On occasion, try to help your loved ones relieve symptoms of a medical condition, such as a headache with high blood pressure. To do this, stand behind the patient sitting on the chair and with smooth hand passes, drive the energy clot located in the head area downward, evenly distributing it over the body. Then measure the pressure - it should drop noticeably.

Step 3

Try to assess your ability to receive information about the future through sleep. Traditionally, dream books are used to interpret dreams. But you should know that they work badly enough and a person who seeks to extract useful information from dreams should compose his own dream book. To do this, you need to write down dreams every morning, then, in the evening, compare them with the events of the day. Gradually, you will be able to identify typical plots and signs for you that indicate the approach of certain events.

Step 4

Put a paper spiral on a vertically installed needle, cover it on top with a glass or transparent plastic cap - this can be a vase, an aquarium, etc. When the spiral stops completely, try to mentally rotate it in one direction or another. If the spiral obediently follows your thought, then you have certain abilities.

Step 5

Go to the park, sit on the bench. Look at the clouds. Relax, then choose a suitable cloud and try to mentally cut it in half. You can try to dissolve the cloud, but remember that the cloud must not be alone, otherwise the experience will not be pure. Small, solitary clouds melt on their own, so choose one of several similar ones. If "your" cloud has dissolved, and the same clouds nearby remained intact, then you can be congratulated on having extraordinary abilities.

Step 6

Sitting on a bench, try to mentally manipulate the birds. Make the bird sit on a branch or fly in a certain way. You can try to program a situation in which someone comes up to you and asks for a smoke or tell you the time. If the world responds to your requests and fulfills its plans, you have unusual abilities.

Step 7

Try scanning people you meet. Namely, looking at a person, try to understand who he is, what he is. Do not guess, do not fantasize, just register the images and impressions that pop up in your mind. On occasion, if possible, check them. Over time, you may find that your "guesses" become more and more accurate, which indicates your ability to "capture" information.

Step 8

Take a deck of cards. With it upside down, try dividing the deck by suit without looking at the front of the cards. According to the theory of probability, you should guess at least 25%. If this result is noticeably higher, then you can get information about the suit of the card without looking at it. Then you can try to guess not only the suit, but also the value of the card. You can feel the face of the card, this increases the percentage of guessing.

Step 9

Many people are telepathic. Find a partner to work with, preferably the opposite sex. The further apart you live, the better. At the chosen time, preferably in the evening, mentally broadcast any images to each other. First one to another, the next day vice versa. After the session, analyze the information - what was transmitted and what was perceived. Allow four minutes to broadcast one image, then a minute of rest, then broadcast a new image. It is better to limit the number of images to five.

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