How To Cut Bedding

How To Cut Bedding
How To Cut Bedding

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For a sound healthy sleep, the quality of bed linen is of no small importance. In addition to being pleasing to the body and appealing in color, it also needs to match the size of the bed, pillows, and duvet. Sometimes it is impossible to find a suitable set in the store, in which case the best way out is to sew bed linen with your own hands. Moreover, it is not at all difficult, even for beginners. The main thing is to cut the bed linen correctly.

How to cut bedding
How to cut bedding

It is necessary

  • - fabric - 8 m;
  • - measuring tape;
  • - scissors;
  • - tailor's chalk;
  • - sewing machine.


Step 1

Choose the right fabric for your bedding. Take natural cotton: calico, satin, chintz or other. Do not use artificial fabric. Choose it 220 cm wide for a 2-bed set and 160 cm wide for a 1.5-bed set so as not to have too many seams. Before opening, wet the fabric so that it shrinks, and dry it, iron it with a hot iron.

Step 2

First, cut out a duvet cover: set aside a length of duvet on the fabric and fold it in half. Then leave a seam allowance of 3-5 cm. There will be three seams - on the sides and below. Determine where you will leave the hole for tucking the duvet into the duvet cover - either on the side seam or in the bottom seam. Mark it by dividing the side in half and setting aside 30 cm in both directions from the middle. Stitch all seams there, leaving the intended hole. Turn the duvet cover inside out and sew the seams again, leaving the seam allowance on the inside. Finish the slot.

Step 3

Then cut open the sheet, leaving its length on the fabric and leaving 3-5 cm allowances for the hem, add a margin for the fold under the mattress, if you like. This is the simplest part of a bedding set, just hem it at the top and bottom with a linen seam; the sewing machine has a special foot for this.

Step 4

Cut the pillowcases according to the size of the pillows, standard sizes are 50x70 cm and 70x70 cm. Set aside the length of the pillowcase (50 or 70 cm) and fold the fabric in half, add 20 cm to the fold on one side. For a total of 120 or 160 cm, add a 3 cm seam allowance on both sides. Cut the fabric to the desired width of 70 cm plus 3 cm per seam on each side. Hem down the seams at the bottom and top. Fold the fabric like a pillowcase, facing out, fold in, and machine-sew the side seams. Then turn the pillowcase inside out and grind the same seams inside out so that the seam allowance from the previous seam remains inside the current seam. The pillowcases are ready.

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