How To Make A Photo Drawn

How To Make A Photo Drawn
How To Make A Photo Drawn

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There are many ways to draw a photo, some of which are quite time consuming, require certain skills in working with Photoshop and perseverance. However, you can take a photo that imitates painting or graphic drawing in a few minutes. The main thing is desire and a little patience.

How to make a photo drawn
How to make a photo drawn


Step 1

First you need to open the photo you want to make drawn in Photoshop: "File" >> "Open". For example, to begin with, it will be a photograph of a girl.

Step 2

To make the result of the drawn photo to your taste, you need to try to look at the photo through the eyes of the artist. In this example, the girl's facial features are soft, smooth, so it's better to make not a graphic drawing, but "draw" her with paints.

Step 3

From the Filter menu, choose Simulate. (Alternatively: "Filter" - "Filter Gallery" - "Simulation").

Step 4

Basically, this menu command is all you need to remember. Then you can experiment by choosing an imitation of the picture: "watercolor", "oil painting", "shading", "dry brush", "fresco", etc. If you liked any kind of imitation, you need to correct the picture using the settings on the right side of the desktop. For example, to simulate oil painting, you need to adjust the type and size of the brush, as well as the sharpness.

Step 5

An example of imitation of oil painting in the photo. (In this case, the effect of imitation could be enhanced, but then the facial features would turn out to be fuzzy.)

Step 6

In this picture, a feather simulation has been applied.

Step 7

This example uses an imitation of watercolor.

Step 8

However, to get a photo drawn, you do not have to be limited to the "Imitation" function. For example, you can get a curious picture effect using the "Emphasize Edges" function (menu "Filter" - "Strokes" - "Emphasize Edges"). A similar function is "oblique (or cross)" strokes.

Step 9

Another example: a photograph of a young man.

Step 10

Facial features are clear, straight. Therefore, let's try to beat them (emphasize). For example, using the menu "Filter" - "Strokes" - "Stroke".

Step 11

You can also make an imitation of an ink drawing from a photo.

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