How To Make Balloon Shapes

How To Make Balloon Shapes
How To Make Balloon Shapes

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Making funny balloon shapes is a great way to play and have a good time with your child. This activity helps to develop imagination and imagination, in addition, it is just very fun and exciting. The main thing is that anyone can create such figures, without any preparation, the funnier the animal turns out, the more interesting it is.

How to make balloon shapes
How to make balloon shapes

It is necessary

  • - a ball in the form of a long sausage;
  • - a pump for inflating balloons.


Step 1

If you can't find a balloon pump, you can use your own lungs as well. When choosing a balloon, keep in mind that they are of several types:

• latex - one of the most common and budget options, their surface can be glossy, matte, with a silver or gold glitter;

• milar or foil balloons hold air or helium for the longest time, up to 3 weeks, crafts made from such balloons are more durable and durable;

• plastic balls are made of a special hypoallergenic material and are most often used by designers for interior decoration.

If you are going to make a figurine of a flower or animal from a balloon, then ordinary latex balloons are suitable for you. There are a lot of shapes that can be made from balloons.

Step 2

Balloon flower

Take a green sausage ball and inflate it, leaving at the end 5 cm unfilled with air. Twist the ball in the middle into a figure eight. The eight must be done with twists. So you get leaves on the stem of the future flower. Twist the remaining non-inflated ponytail so that it becomes twisted.

Take a balloon of a different color, for example yellow, and inflate another sausage. Connect the edges of the ball so that you get a ring. Twist it in half (you get two rings), twist each new ring you get in half again. The resulting quarters will represent the petals of your flower. It remains to place these petals on the stem made earlier, attach them to the twisted piece on the green ball. The flower is ready. You can even decorate your house for a holiday with such figures.


Step 3

Volumetric figure of a bear made of balloons

To make the shape of a bear, you need a long ball, preferably brown or another dark color. Inflate it, but not completely, you need to leave empty 10-12 cm. Tie a balloon. Start twisting it. All twisting should be performed in one direction, if possible, otherwise the figure will not be able to keep its shape well. First you need to twist the muzzle, along the way creating a nose, 2 large cheeks and 2 small ears, the back of the head.

When twisting new parts, hold the ready-made ones with your hand so that they do not shift and do not disintegrate. Make a head, collecting all the ready-made elements into a ring; all parts of the head should be held in it. To make the ears look like real ones, gently twist each one with your fingers in the same direction you chose.

Make the bear's neck by twisting the ball a little lower under the finished head. Start building the body. Twist the ball, turning it into two upper legs, more details will go to them, and into two lower legs - smaller. Wrap the ball at the base of the bear's neck. From the rest of the ball, make the back and belly of the bear. If any unused parts remain, hide them inside the toy. You can add a scarf to the bear, for this inflate a thin sausage ball of any contrasting color and wrap it around the neck. The bear figure is ready.


Step 4

Balloon dog figure

Take a long latex balloon of the color you want. Pull the tip slightly before inflating. Do not completely fill the balloon with air. To create a dog's figure, it will be enough to leave 5-7 cm of the free end.When you begin to twist the figure, make sure that the air is evenly distributed over the ball, otherwise, if there is no space left, the craft will not work or even burst.

Start twisting the dog's figure from the base of the ball. Twist 3 times on the ball so that you get 3 sausages. Now you need to make a dog's face out of them. To do this, twist one of the sausages. Twist the ball twice more to get the dog's paws.

Form a sausage for the body of the dog, and then two more for the second pair of paws. Finish with a ponytail. Now your dog is ready. Such a balloon figurine delights children, it is a good alternative to purchased toys. You can create a whole family of these dogs.


Step 5

Balloon elephant

To make an elephant, take a very long balloon. Perform 3 twists so that identical sausages form on the ball. Keep in mind that the elephant has a rather wide figure and leave the sausages wider than usual.

Bend the sausage second from the beginning of the ball in half and twist. This will be the first ear of the elephant. Make the second ear in the same way. Then form a small head and 2 front legs.

Also, twist the elephant's body and two more paws. Finally, make a small ponytail and curl the trunk. The elephant is ready.


Step 6

Octopus from balloons

An octopus made of balloons turns out to be very similar if all the operations are performed correctly. Take several long balls of different colors and one medium-sized round ball, it will act as the body of an octopus.

Attach 2 very small ones to the round ball - these will be the eyes. Decorate them with plain paper or felt-tip pen if desired. Attach the long ball tentacles to the central round ball. The octopus is ready. This craft is perfect for decorating an interior in a nautical style.


Step 7

Balloon giraffe

To make a giraffe shape, take a very long ball of the color you want. Twist it at the base 2 times, forming the small head and ears of the giraffe. Then leave a fair amount of space and twist the ball again, creating a long neck.

Twist the ball 2 times for the front legs, a little more ball will need to be left for the body, similarly form 2 hind legs, at the end do not forget the small tail. The giraffe is ready.

When creating any figure, you can and should show imagination, come up with new animals with your child. After you have mastered modeling simple shapes from balls, you can start creating more complex ones.


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