How To Calculate The Ascendant

How To Calculate The Ascendant
How To Calculate The Ascendant

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The Ascendant, or ascendant sign is the sign of the Zodiac that rose on the eastern side of the horizon at the time of the birth of a person, that is, the point of intersection of the horizon plane with the ecliptic plane. The ascendant is directly influenced by the time and place of birth.

How to calculate the ascendant
How to calculate the ascendant


Step 1

For a long time, astrologers were forced to calculate the ascendant on their own. Today the need for this has disappeared, since special sites and programs allow you to get the necessary information online. One of these sites is astroland. Follow the link below the article to go to it.

Step 2

Enter your name, exact time and place of birth in the appropriate fields. Please note that in different years, due to the transfer one hour forward and backward, the real time could differ from the official one. You just need the real. Set additional parameters as desired. Click the Create Horoscope button.

Step 3

Scroll until you see a circle and two tables to the right of it. In the first line of the second table, the ascendant (abbreviated Asc) will be indicated: a sign indicated by a special symbol adopted in astrology, and degrees.

Step 4

Another way to determine the ascendant is the special program “Zet” (link is given below). Run it after downloading, enter the information about the place and time of birth. The program will automatically detect all the required data.

Step 5

You can determine the influence of the ascendant on character on the third site indicated under the article. Select your zodiac sign from the list on the page and go to the next page. Find the paragraph with your ascendant among the proposed options. The data indicated on this site are not complete and exhaustive, since they do not take into account the degrees of the ascendant and the positions of other luminaries at the time of birth. You can calculate a complete natal chart only with the help of a specialist and additional programs and information.

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