How To Calculate Your Death Date

How To Calculate Your Death Date
How To Calculate Your Death Date

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Do you often think about what death is and how long you are allowed to live, or would you like to know the date of your death? The test for determining the date of death will help you find out, where you need to answer several questions, on the basis of which you will receive an answer to your question.

How to calculate your death date
How to calculate your death date


Step 1

You can find out the date of your death using the test The test contains about 40 questions that affect various aspects of your life - from psychological state to material values. Calculating the date of death in this test as the site claims, created on the basis of certain algorithms, and the very formula for calculating the date of death was developed by the British company AstaX, which has been dealing with life and death for more than fifteen years. The test result is processed within 1-2 minutes, and then you get a detailed result with recommendations in Russian (if necessary, you can choose another language)

Step 2

Of the minuses of the above test is that after answering the questions, you are prompted to send an SMS to get the test results. Therefore, especially for those who want to find out the date of death for free and without SMS, there are free online resources. For example, on the site it is proposed to enter the name, date of birth, gender, zodiac sign, the presence of bad habits. And the oracle immediately gives an answer - the estimated date of your death, and you can display the result on your Vkontakte page. According to this site, the method of calculating the date of death is allegedly based on the astrological studies of Maugham, Poticelli, Luca, Domioni

Another cool free test without SMS you can take on the "test bank" resource There are only 10 questions in this test

Step 3

And if you would like to receive reliable information about when you will die, then turn to palmistry. The practice of divination by hand has been known since ancient times, but much depends on the professionalism of the palmist. After all, the life line is not the only factor by which you can determine the lifespan of the hand, you also need to take into account a number of other signs. By the way, many palmists believe that a person should not be informed about the date of his approximate death, since this prediction can turn into a fulfilling prophecy. Simply put, something like self-hypnosis happens.

Step 4

Do not forget that death is the end only for the physical body, but not for your soul. In addition, it matters not only (and not so much) how many years a person has lived, but how he has lived his life. You can live 100 years - and exist, or you can live not so long, but leave a mark in this life. To make the world a little better, to bring joy to people, to give them love and warmth.

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