How To Make Him Yearn For You

How To Make Him Yearn For You
How To Make Him Yearn For You

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Girls have been using conspiracies for love and longing since ancient times. Many even now try to influence the will of their beloved with the help of slander and magic. The most effective are conspiracies for food, drink and photography. The most suitable time for conspiracies is early morning and evening after sunset.

How to make him yearn for you
How to make him yearn for you


Step 1

On Friday, they take a birch twig and put it on the threshold. Through this obstacle the spoken step must take. As soon as the dear stepped over the coveted threshold, the twig is hidden in a hot and dry place, saying: "Like this twig dries, let the servant of God (name) yearn and dry for me, the servant of God (name)." The twig conspiracy must be pronounced three times.

Step 2

You need to take two identical wax candles, twist them together with a screw, saying: "Like candles are twisted together, so I am a servant of God (name) with a servant of God (name)." Candles are placed in front of the image of some saint and the wicks are lit. They say the words: "I light the candles and the heart of the servant of God (name)." The wicks must be lit nine times.

Step 3

You need to purchase a small castle. When buying a castle for this conspiracy, one cannot stoop to bargaining, otherwise the ceremony will be useless. They leave the castle open on the doorstep and wait for a cute one to step over it. After that, the lock is locked, saying: "Now, as this lock is closed forever, so the servant of God (name) is united with the servant of God (name) forever." The key must be thrown into any body of water where it cannot be found. The girl should hide the charmed castle and keep it.

Step 4

In the evening, getting ready for bed, the girl takes a crust of bread and begins to gnaw it, uttering a slander: “As I, the servant of God (name) eat bread and gnaw, so longing to eat, gnaw the servant of God (name). Forever and ever, amen. " While eating or drinking, a woman can say: “As I drink and eat the servant of God (name), so let melancholy eat the servant of God (name). Amen".

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