How To Protect Yourself From The Evil Eye

How To Protect Yourself From The Evil Eye
How To Protect Yourself From The Evil Eye

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The evil eye is a strong negative energy impact on a person, destroying his protective biofield. In a person who has been jinxed, energy holes ("holes") are formed in the biofield, through which the energy entering the body flows out. The consequences of the evil eye are many: from chronic fatigue syndrome to psychological disorders, various diseases and problems. To protect yourself from the evil eye, you need to be able to protect your biofield.

Psychic attack occurs through an unkind look
Psychic attack occurs through an unkind look


Step 1

Psychic attack occurs through an unkind look. A skirmish in transport, a domestic conflict, a quarrel with an employee can provoke a reaction “yes to you!”. By the way, there is also a less well-known phenomenon of "self-eye", when one's own negative thoughts and emotions, a chronic state of depression take away a large amount of energy from a person. Of course, you can diagnose the presence of the evil eye and get rid of it. But, as in the case of diseases, it is better not to treat the evil eye, but to prevent it.

Step 2

Unlike corruption, the evil eye can be caused without the help of "black magic". It is believed that the "eye" person can be identified by their appearance. For example, in Russia, the signs of such a person were considered to be shiny dark eyes, especially in combination with fused eyebrows, as well as squint. But in the Mediterranean countries, blue eyes were considered a sign of a person who can jinx. By the way, therefore, blue eye-shaped beads are used as amulets against the evil eye. However, people with such traits are not necessarily people capable of jinxing. There is also another expression - "evil eye", and from this name it is clear that a person with unkind thoughts, negative emotions - for example, envy, anger, anger, can jinx. If possible, such people should be avoided or contact with such people should be kept to a minimum. When dealing with such people, try to avoid staring, especially if your energy tone is weakened.

Step 3

If you are in a crowded place (in transport, a store, etc.) and feel around a large number of negative emotions, you need to film your biofield by adopting a closed position - to close and cross your arms and legs. However, not in all situations a crossed pose and averted gaze look appropriate. In this case, you can close the contours of the biofield by simply closing the thumb and forefinger of both hands.

Step 4

You can protect yourself from the evil eye using various methods of energy protection. One of the simple techniques is "mirroring": you need to imagine yourself protected from other people by a mirror shell, a dome, with the mirror side facing outward. Then all negative influences addressed to you will return back to the one who sent them.

Step 5

An effective protection from the evil eye can also be a conspiracy from damage and the evil eye or a prayer to the guardian angel.

Conspiracy from the "evil eye": "Michael the Archangel, save and have mercy from the black eye, from the gray eye, from the brown eye, from the blue and white eyes, from the joyful eye, from the envious eye, save and have mercy, Michael the Archangel."

Step 6

The most common remedy for the evil eye among the people is, of course, wearing an ordinary safety pin from the inside of clothes. From the inside of the outerwear, pin a pin with the point down, it is advisable to keep it in the eastern corner of the house for three days or a day behind the icon. An elliptical pin closes your biofield from extraneous negative energies and mirrors them. You can tie a red woolen thread around your left wrist as a means of protection. Or you can carry a small round mirror with you. The mirror should be kept in a pocket with a mirror surface outward to reflect negative energy.

Step 7

For protection from the evil eye, you can use objects of power - a protective amulet, a talisman or an amulet.The protective properties of your amulet will increase many times over if you charge it. Another important condition: in no case should you give your talisman or amulet to someone, it is also undesirable to mention it in a conversation.

Step 8

If you have felt someone's negative impact on yourself, you need to take a warm shower as soon as possible in order to wash off only the stuck energy "dirt" with water. If this does not help, try to remove the evil eye yourself or contact a psychic.

Step 9

If unpleasant people have visited your house, immediately after they leave, wash the floor and, preferably, cleanse the house of negative energy. You can also have amulets in the house: for example, a horseshoe above the door, or a dried stalk of St. John's wort under the threshold or above the door. You need to sweep the floor from the threshold to the middle of the house, so as not to "sweep the dirty linen from the hut." Also, do not keep sharp-edged objects in plain sight, and knives and forks with a point upward - you can incur aggression and anger.

Step 10

Damage and the evil eye "cling" to people with a weakened biofield, as well as weak morally and ethically. Therefore, you need not only to protect your biofield, but also to be able to charge yourself with positive energy, and most importantly, to develop spiritually. Giving the people around you bright and sincere thoughts, feelings, actions, you attract light and kind to yourself.

Step 11

It is important to understand that you cannot explain all your problems, failures and illnesses with the evil eye. All problems must be looked for in oneself first.

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