How To Come Up With A Beautiful Signature

How To Come Up With A Beautiful Signature
How To Come Up With A Beautiful Signature

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The signature, invented in youth, will remain for life. Albeit with minor changes. Therefore, you need to take the choice of a signature with all responsibility. After all, the way a person signs up betrays both his character and ambitions. The signature must necessarily reflect the identity of the owner, and not just be a beautiful monogram. In addition, it should be “comfortable” so that it can be easily repeated without changes. But at the same time it is necessary to achieve a high individuality of the signature so that it cannot be forged.

How to come up with a beautiful signature
How to come up with a beautiful signature

It is necessary

  • - paper;
  • - a pen.


Step 1

If on duty you have to sign a large number of documents, just use your surname. If this option does not quite suit you, cut off the last letter or even a few from the surname. Replace them with a stroke. Too long signature indicates boring and picky. The short one, on the other hand, is about haste.

Step 2

If you are a girl and are planning to get married and change your last name, take your first and middle name as the basis for your signature. Then you can use the signature after marriage.

Step 3

Pay attention to how older relatives and acquaintances (for example, teachers) sign up. Try to reproduce their signature. Perhaps you will like some of them and just use it. And it is not at all necessary that the surname of the owner of the signature and yours must coincide or begin with one letter. Imagine! Replace the letters, slightly modify the signature itself, add an interesting flourish. Be careful - this element will tell a lot about your character. So, a stroke above the signature will give away a vain person, under the signature - proud. The modest, self-critical ones cross out the signature. Remember that the abundance of "adornments" in the form of curls speaks of insincerity and some boastfulness.

Step 4

Ask your friends, girlfriends, or relatives to help you. Give each of them the opportunity to be creative and imaginative. Let them come up with several options for your possible signature. Then analyze the resulting options. Perhaps there will be a signature among them that will completely suit you. Or maybe you can combine several options together.

Step 5

If all these methods of choosing a signature did not lead to the desired result, seek help from a person whose signature you like and whose creativity is not in doubt. Maybe it will be someone you know. Ask him to create a signature for you. You can also use the online signature creation services. In addition, there are special programs for creating signatures. By choosing individual elements, you will create a truly personal and beautiful signature.

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