What Can Be Sewn From A Piece Of Fabric 10 Meters

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What Can Be Sewn From A Piece Of Fabric 10 Meters
What Can Be Sewn From A Piece Of Fabric 10 Meters

What to use a few meters of material that languishes idle in the closet? There are many options, just show your imagination. Pillows, bedspreads, curtains - all this will decorate your home and bring charm to the familiar environment.

What can be sewn from a piece of fabric 10 meters
What can be sewn from a piece of fabric 10 meters

A lot of things can be sewn from a 10-meter piece of fabric, there would be desire and skills. These can be products for sale or original home textile decorations. And the material can also be used to accomplish good deeds.

For kids

A good opportunity to do something useful for kids who do not have parents. In the orphanage, they will gladly accept diapers, undershirts, pants - everything that you make with love. Just let the things be sewn neatly.

Have a nice tea

Why not DIY 2 tablecloths for your child's class? The school often hosts celebrations and celebrations. Every time you sit down to drink tea, you will be remembered with kind words.

For the family

For a good hostess, 10 meters of fabric will not be dead weight. She will definitely figure out where to apply the material. It can be clothes for family members, beautiful curtains, bedding sets, original sofa pillows, but you never know what. Imagination and patience will help you create good copyrighted items that everyone will like.

We get profit

It's nice to create something with your own hands, and then get income from it. It would be nice to time this process for some kind of celebration, then you will sell your products faster. For example, you can sew themed kitchen towels for the New Year holidays.

If you have certain skills, you can sew something more complex. For example, a luxurious embroidered bedspread or a set for a baby's crib. People are happy to buy single things of good quality.

For husband

He will be glad to have new car covers and pillows for his iron horse. You just need the fabric to be appropriate. Printed flowers will make him wonder or laugh. But for curtains in his workshop, they are suitable, decorating the harsh room of your beloved man.


If you have a private home, you can build a gazebo and decorate it with fabric, creating beautiful draperies. It is pleasant to sit here on summer evenings and enjoy tea, and drink aromatic coffee in the morning.

If no one wants to help you arrange a gazebo, then you can do it yourself. You need to find a suitable place and create several points of support on which to throw the canopy. And then we start up ideas.

Now in stores there is enough of everything, not everyone will be able to pore over needlework. But hand-sewn things create a special atmosphere and comfort in the house. It's so nice to look at them.