Why Was The Movie "Clip" Banned From Showing?

Why Was The Movie "Clip" Banned From Showing?
Why Was The Movie "Clip" Banned From Showing?

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On February 5, 2012, the 41st Rotterdam International Film Festival ended in Holland. One of the winners of the main prize "Golden Tiger" was the film "Clip" by Serbian director Maya Milos. Russian viewers expected to see the picture on wide screens as early as August 30, but the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation did not issue a rental certificate to it. It is not yet known whether the winner of the film festival will appear on the domestic market.

Why was the film banned from showing?
Why was the film banned from showing?

The Serbian film "Clip" was the directorial debut of the young actress and screenwriter Maya Milos. After the world premiere, which took place in Holland on January 27, many film critics and journalists drew attention to the picture. The jury of the Rotterdam International Film Festival called Milos' creation "an energetic film that breaks all existing norms."

The director uses modern means of cinematography to artistically reproduce the shocking picture of the world, which is drawn in the minds of young owners of cell phone video cameras. Film critics compare the movie "Clip" with the scandalous creations of Valeria Gai Germanicus - the works are united by the eternal dramatic theme about the sexual self-determination of a teenager.

The main heroine of the Serbian film is the beautiful girl Jasna from the Serbian province, who is pushed by a difficult childhood into risky experiments with sex and drugs. Aimless pastime at parties becomes a desperate challenge to a negligent mother and the whole world, an attempt to hide from reality. The film tells about all the difficulties that Yasna has to endure honestly and impartially. The duration of the picture is 100 minutes; Isidora Simijonovic, Sanya Mikitsic, Vukashin Jasni, Monja Savic, Sonya Janicic and other adult Serbian actors starred.

An application for a distribution certificate for the Milos film was submitted to the Ministry of Culture of Russia by the distribution company Cinema Without Borders. In August, Russian cinemas were already preparing for the release of the movie "Clip". However, the picture was included in the "black list", as reported in the personal blog of the social project Twitter by the President of "Cinema without Borders" Sam Klebanov.

According to the Department of Cinematography and Modernization Programs of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the film cannot be allowed to be viewed due to its content. In particular, obscene language, scenes of alcohol and drug use by adolescents, as well as explicit pornographic footage were noted.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, representatives of the ministry emphasized that according to Milos's scenario, many scenes take place in a secondary school with the participation of minors, which contradicts the norms of the Russian law "On the Protection of Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development." The fact that all actors are over 18 years old is not taken into account.

The administrative regulations of the Ministry of Culture do not preclude the filing of a secondary application from the distributor. On the website of the public organization "KinoSoyuz" was published an open letter to the Deputy Minister of Culture Ivan Demidov, which expresses bewilderment about the refusal of the film "Clip" in the Russian box office. The chairman of "KinoSoyuz" Andrey Proshkin considers this incident to be censorship, which was canceled by the current constitution. According to filmmakers, "Clip" should appear on wide domestic screens, however, with a restriction on the age of viewers.

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