How To Make A Dragonfly Out Of Paper

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How To Make A Dragonfly Out Of Paper
How To Make A Dragonfly Out Of Paper

Video: How To Make A Dragonfly Out Of Paper

Video: How To Make A Dragonfly Out Of Paper
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Origami is an ancient Japanese art that has become popular all over the world today. Paper crafts are considered a child's activity, this technique is now being studied in all children's institutions, however, the art of origami, real paper plastic, is available only to experienced craftsmen.

How to make a dragonfly out of paper
How to make a dragonfly out of paper

It is necessary

  • For a white paper dragonfly:
  • - paper;
  • - white cardboard;
  • - multi-colored markers;
  • - two push pins;
  • - scissors.
  • For a colored paper dragonfly:
  • - 2 sheets of A4;
  • - 1 A4 sheet of a different color;
  • - paper for decorations (at your discretion);
  • - scissors;
  • - glue.


Step 1

White paper dragonfly

Take a sheet of paper, bend it in half, on one half of the sheet, close to the fold, draw two wings, half a head (half a flattened circle), half a body (half an oval the same width as the head, but 3 times longer), half a tail (half an oval twice narrower and twice as long as the calf). Cut out the drawing without expanding the sheet, unfold the template, put it on a piece of cardboard, draw a pencil around the outline.

Step 2

Cut the dragonfly out of cardboard, paint with pencils, felt-tip pens or paints of your choice. Flip the dragonfly with the painted side down, take two pushpins and pin them to the ends of the wings, flip the dragonfly and fold the sharp ends of the buttons. Take a pencil with a flat end, place the dragonfly on it, empirically finding the center of balance.

Step 3

Dragonfly made of colored paper

Take a sheet of A4 paper, fold it in half, draw on the wings (fold is the base of the wings), cut out, unfold. Take an A4 sheet of a different color, bend it in half, glue the fold of the wings to the fold of the sheet, press the wings to the sheet, retreat 1.5-2 centimeters from the edge of the wings and outline the outline of the wings, maintaining this indent. Cut out the second pair of wings (you should get 8 wings - 4 large lower ones and 4 upper ones of the same shape, but smaller).

Step 4

Take the third A4 sheet, cut a large triangle out of it (the base is the short side of the sheet) - this will be the body. Fold in half, connecting the corners of the base, unfold, fold again in the same direction so that the right and left corners of the base "meet" at the central fold, there should be only three folds - the central one and two parallel to it, one to the right, the other to the left.

Step 5

Spread glue on the inside of the rightmost sector (up to the right fold) and glue it to the outside of the opposite left sector, it should look like an elongated pyramid. Take scraps of the paper that went on the body and wings, fold a sheet of one color in half, cut out two large circles, from a sheet of a different color - two circles twice as small and from a sheet of the third color - two more circles, very small.

Step 6

Make two eyes by sticking the circles on top of each other: on the largest one, stick the middle one, on the middle one - the small ones, do the same with the remaining three circles. Glue the eyes on the wider part of the calf, and the wings on top in the first third of the calf.