How To Play Billiards

How To Play Billiards
How To Play Billiards

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Today there are about thirty ways to play billiards, which can be roughly divided into 5 groups: Russian billiards, sports pool, entertainment pool, carom and snooker. Each group has several games.

How to play billiards
How to play billiards

Correct placement:

  • In the game of billiards, 16 balls are used - fifteen balls for aiming and one cue ball. The cue-ball, as a rule, differs from the rest of the balls in color; it performs the most important function in the game.
  • Aiming balls are placed in a pyramid with a top.

Basic rules of the game:

  • the main goal of the billiards game is to become the first player to score eight balls into the holes
  • the game is played at a billiard table, the player holds a special cue in his hand, which is used to hit the ball,
  • when you have to strike, you must observe three important conditions: the convenience and reliability of the position of the body, the straight movement of the cue and its free play,
  • the first blow is carried out "from the hand",
  • play billiards with any aiming ball or aiming ball. It is not necessary to talk about the order. A good hit counts any number of balls that are pocketed. Instead of a pocketed cue ball, any aiming ball that your opponent chooses is removed from the table, after which the player blows the cue ball from his hand,
  • improperly pocketed, bounced, and also penalty balls are placed to the middle of the back board. If this place is already taken, then the balls are placed tightly to the board.

Possible mistakes beginners can make: lack of a well-thought-out strategy of the game, old and unrefined technique, poor initial setting of the strike. In order to learn the basic skills of billiards and remember all the rules, you need to go to a master class with an experienced player or a special school. During the training courses, you can learn some of the secrets of billiards, get useful tips for playing billiards.

Penalties in billiards in the form of collecting one ball:

  • any contact with the ball with a hand, object or clothing during or after the impact,
  • when hitting the cue ball with the side of the cue,
  • on impact, if the balls did not stop moving during the previous impact,
  • if the ball flew overboard,
  • if both legs were off the floor during the impact. If there were violations on the previous points and several balls were played, then the latter are not counted, taken from the pockets and placed at the short board.

If, at the time of the violation, the player does not have at least one pocketed ball, then the penalty will be charged after the first pocketed ball.

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