How To Draw Three-dimensional Drawings On Asphalt

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How To Draw Three-dimensional Drawings On Asphalt
How To Draw Three-dimensional Drawings On Asphalt

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3D drawings on asphalt are a relatively new trend in street painting. 3D drawings look three-dimensional from only one point defined by the artist. Therefore, in order to learn how to create beautiful paintings, it should be remembered that this art form is based on knowledge of perspective and optical illusion.

3D drawing on asphalt
3D drawing on asphalt

Drawing on paper

Perhaps the first and one of the most important rules is not to neglect the preparatory work and remember that all future masterpieces must first be created on paper. Firstly, it will greatly facilitate the process, and secondly, it will be much easier to correct mistakes. Before you draw your picture on paper, think about where the light source will be. This is a very important point, because it is depending on this that you will place the shadows of the object, which make it volumetric.

Beginners are encouraged to start with simple geometric bodies. For example, draw a square and a circle on paper, and then, using school knowledge about the projection of figures in a three-dimensional coordinate system, turn them into a cube and a ball.

Draw shadows

Having decided on the location of the light source, you can start drawing the shadows. There are several points to be aware of here. First, in the process of shading the figures, you should move from the dark side to the light side. If, according to the idea, the light should fall from the front, then the middle of the object should be left light, and the shading should be done towards the contours. Secondly, when drawing the shadows that objects cast on the surface, remember that they should be in the opposite side from the light. For those who know how to work with Photoshop, you can draw a picture using it.

Preparing to transfer your sketch to asphalt

A beautiful drawing on paper is only half the battle. To transfer the picture to the asphalt, you should divide it with a grid into small squares of the same size, which will allow you to reproduce the image more accurately and accurately. Then you should prepare the place where you will work: thoroughly clean it of various small debris. In this case, it is best, of course, to choose flat areas. And remember that the three-dimensional drawing has an elongated shape, so you need to calculate the required space correctly. Drawings are usually done with crayons or spray paints. In the first case, the crayons must be rubbed to secure, therefore, in order not to damage the skin on the fingers, it is better to prepare plastic bags for this in advance.

Drawing on the asphalt

When transferring a drawing from paper to asphalt, you should be very careful and take your time, since it will be rather difficult to correct the mistake made. Those who want to achieve heights in the creation of three-dimensional paintings should look at the work of artist Julian Beaver.

The famous British artist Julian Beaver uses a camera on a tripod to create his masterpieces, setting it at the very point where the picture comes to life. On it, he checks every mark made.

But there are a few basic rules to follow. Firstly, when making a color pattern, it is advisable to select the background so that it is as close as possible to the color of the road surface. Secondly, in the process of creating a volumetric picture, you need to move from top to bottom. Third, it is advisable to avoid even, well-defined contours. Fourth, work better on days when there is no sun. And finally, you must always remember the point at which a simple drawing turns into three-dimensional, and focus on it.

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