How To Learn The Electric Guitar

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How To Learn The Electric Guitar
How To Learn The Electric Guitar

Video: How To Learn The Electric Guitar

Video: How To Learn The Electric Guitar
Video: Beginner Electric Lesson 1 - Your Very First Electric Guitar Lesson 2023, March

The electric guitar is probably the passion of all rockers: both beginners and already famous ones. This sound rich in timbre and richness of live music cannot leave anyone indifferent. And especially those who have a dream of learning to play this musical miracle. Of course, no one says that this is a piece of cake. But the main thing is to set a goal and move towards it, despite the obstacles.

How to learn the electric guitar
How to learn the electric guitar


Step 1

The Internet will be of great help in this.

Download several video lessons from professionals, where you will learn in detail and step by step how, and most importantly, where to start your journey into the world of electric guitar music.

Step 2

In addition to these video tutorials, buy a tutorial for first-time guitar players. As they say, start over. Learn to hold the instrument correctly and play simple chords at first.

Step 3

It doesn't hurt to delve into the special literature, because you also need to be able to choose a guitar, not to mention the fact that in order to start practicing, you must first tune it.

Step 4

Learn how to play the guitar, either with a pick (colloquially “coin”) or with your fingers. After that, engage in proper finger placement.

Each hand is studied separately. You do not need to interfere with everything in an attempt to master everything at once.

Step 5

The right hand often plays with chords or the so-called brute force. In a self-study guide, numbers should indicate the numbering of the strings, starting with the upper (thinnest). Follow these prompts. Start by playing all the strings up and down. Get used to the movement and resistance of the strings.

Step 6

The left hand is responsible for the bar. When placing the hand, the thumb should catch on the center so that the rest of the hand moves slightly forward. Ideally, the guitar should be on the left foot, but this is not an ironclad rule. Proceed from your convenience.

Step 7

Pay attention to the fact that most experienced guitarists advise you to first learn at least basic techniques of playing an ordinary acoustic guitar, and only then switch to electro. It's like a video game where you gradually increase the difficulty level. But it is not at all necessary that it be so, and nothing else. If you start playing the electric guitar right away, it is not a crime, it just takes you a little more time.

Step 8

Of course, the main difficulties await you ahead, when you need to coordinate the chords of the left hand and the fingering of the right. But if you follow the tips of the video tutorials and the tutorial, everything will work out.

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