How To Play A Melody On The Piano

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How To Play A Melody On The Piano
How To Play A Melody On The Piano

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The piano is a keyboard hammer instrument with a fairly long history. Its structure is similar to the organ, harpsichord, pianols, virginelles and other ancient instruments. The modern piano has a bright sound with metallic overtones. The piano - its home variety - can be used both for performing accompaniment and for solo, melodic parts.

How to play a melody on the piano
How to play a melody on the piano


Step 1

Today, the most effective way to perform on the piano in general, and on the piano in particular, is by sheet music. In other words, you must know the notation system before you start playing. Elementary music theory will help you with this (for example, textbooks by Vakhromeev or Sposobin).

It doesn't matter which textbook you choose: they provide roughly the same information. The main thing is to study them regularly, take notes on the data. Test yourself by arranging some kind of tests from time to time - write down the rules, notes in different keys, signs in a quarto-fifth circle, keys, etc.

Step 2

Additionally, practice solfeggio. One of the most popular textbooks among musicians was compiled by Ladukhin - "One-Voice Solfeggio". Play and sing the numbers listed there to develop both hearing and voice coordination and artistic expression.

Step 3

If you have the notes of the melody you want to play, the problem is already solved: just play them while sitting at the instrument. If the notes are missing, an additional skill will come in handy - recording musical dictations.

Musical dictation is a short melodic fragment for 1, 2, 3 or 4 voices, performed more often on the piano. The student must write it down in notes, without seeing either the keyboard or the original musical text. All he knows is key, time signature, number of measures. Find a collection of monophonic dictations, play each on the piano and record in audio format as separate files. After a while, play the first of the files and, without looking at the notes, write down the dictation.

In music schools and institutes, the dictation is played on average 8-12 times. Try to stay within this framework.

Step 4

After gaining experience and learning to recognize melodies by ear, select the melody on the keyboard. Play the accompaniment as soon as possible to match the melody to a specific chord grid.

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