How To Take A Photo Session For A Pregnant Woman In Winter

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How To Take A Photo Session For A Pregnant Woman In Winter
How To Take A Photo Session For A Pregnant Woman In Winter

Video: How To Take A Photo Session For A Pregnant Woman In Winter

Video: How To Take A Photo Session For A Pregnant Woman In Winter
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Most women dream of capturing themselves in anticipation of a baby. It is easier to do this when the middle of pregnancy (that is, a noticeably rounded tummy) fell on the spring-summer months: the weather is favorable, the background is dazzling with its sunshine and fresh greenery. However, in winter, pregnant women also have a place to unfold in their fantasies regarding photo shoots.

How to take a photo session for a pregnant woman in winter
How to take a photo session for a pregnant woman in winter

Winter walk in the park

It is generally accepted that the best photographs are taken while walking. The unity of man with nature is eye-catching. Wait for a sunny winter day, maybe even slightly snowy: large flakes slowly swirl in the air …

Consider what you will be wearing. Sweaters, scarves and large-knit hats in bright shades, colored tight tights in combination with a beige knitted dress look good on the photos.

Take textured props with you. These can be booties, Christmas tree decorations, large pendants - snowflakes and so on. Props can be made by hand. For example, cut out a heart-shaped shape from colored cardboard or solid (to make it easier to hold) words and phrases: "Love", "We are waiting for you, baby", etc.

Be sure to prepare a warm blanket and rosehip tea in a thermos. The blanket comes in handy if you want to sit in the snow. You can also wrap yourself in it when you are cold. And hot tea with rosehip flavor will also help to warm up and raise immunity, and at the same time, mood.

Choose a location to shoot. A park bench or a lonely tree, whatever you like. You can hang cooked booties and toys on a fluffy large branch of spruce.

Think over the poses for the photo shoot, rehearse them in front of the mirror at home: will you be standing or sitting, in what position your arms / legs will be, etc. You can improvise - spontaneous photos also turn out to be of high quality, unless of course you are not on the move all the time.

Feel free to invite your loved one to take part in a photo shoot with you. Let him gently hug you from behind or kneel, hugging your stomach. You can two stand sideways and clasp your hands in the form of a heart, or trample a heart in the snow and sit in it, embracing. Listen to your imagination, and she will tell you the perfect option.

Try to approach the shoot with humor. Play out a small scene with props prepared in advance. For example, you are sitting on a sled with a happy smile, and your beloved is taking you to the maternity hospital (a decorated cardboard box with a corresponding inscription and cut out windows can serve as a maternity hospital).

Or make a mini story from photos. For example, in one photo you are standing together, a loved one with a confused face and a bulging belly (put a balloon under his jacket). And in the second photo, he takes out this ball and gives it to you. You can come up with funny signatures like: "I have already given birth, and you?".

Indoor photo session

This can be a specially equipped photo studio or your favorite cafe. In the first case, an experienced photographer will suggest the form of clothing and posture, and in the second, you will have to show your imagination yourself, as in the case of a walk.

Some pregnant women practice nude photography in the studio. It looks unusual and beautiful, especially if you are wearing a translucent chiffon cape. If you are uncomfortable with taking pictures of nude, it is better to abandon this idea right away.

Also in the studio you can take pictures stylized as painting. Such a photo can be inserted into a beautiful frame and hung in the bedroom. It looks original, and no one at first glance will tell whether it is a photograph or an oil painting.

Experiment, consult with professionals, show your imagination, so that later proudly tell your baby: “Look, this is your first photo! In my stomach."