What Is A Feeder

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What Is A Feeder
What Is A Feeder

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Video: What Is A Feeder
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A feeder is a fishing tackle, which is an ordinary English bottom fishing rod with a feeder attached to it. This feeder also acts as a weight for casting tackle, which allows casting over long distances. Feeders are also used when fishing in adverse weather conditions (strong wind and current).

What is a feeder
What is a feeder


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Sometimes a feeder is also called a method of fishing with a load with bait. Feeders are usually sold in fishing shops with a set of several tops. The tops are made from different materials and have different weights. All this makes it possible to fish a wide variety of fish by weight and type.

Feeders differ from bottom rods by their increased sensitivity to bite. Even with a light bite in calm weather, using the thin tips, an experienced angler is able to make successful casts.

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Another advantage is the ability to use thin rigging. Such a fishing rod is equipped with only one hook, which makes it easier to play, and reduces the likelihood of getting caught on algae and driftwood.

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An important feature of the feeder is its range. Using branded feeders, anglers cast them at a distance of up to 100 m. This is all the more convenient when fishing from the shore or if the fish is on the far edge. In addition, the number of options for choosing a fishing location is increasing.

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When fishing, there are certain tactics. Fishing with a feeder is quite a gamble, since the re-throwing of the rod is done at least once every 10 minutes (in the first hour - in 3-5 minutes). This is necessary to feed the fish, weld it. The right bait will keep your fish in place all day long.

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Usually, when fishing from the shore, two feeders are used, one for coastal casting, the other for long distance. Thus, the fisherman has the opportunity to assess the intensity of the bite, the activity of the fish at different distances.

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The casting technique is different from the casting technique of a spinning rod. In contrast, the feeder must be "accelerated" when casting. The rod behind the back should be stopped and inspected for a catch. Casting is done smoothly, progressively.