How To Draw A Unicorn

How To Draw A Unicorn
How To Draw A Unicorn

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The unicorn is a mythological creature that is usually depicted as a white horse with a horn on its forehead. An important role is given to this character in many fairy tales and medieval legends. Sorceresses ride it, its horn and blood have magical and healing properties. You can draw a unicorn with paints, but first it is better to do it with a pencil.

How to draw a unicorn
How to draw a unicorn

A bit of history

The first mention of the unicorn was in India 4 millennia ago. Then the legends about this mythical animal spread across the mainland. It is curious that in ancient Greece and ancient Rome it was really believed that unicorns exist. Also in Ancient Egypt and South Africa there were images of antelopes with straight horns painted on the side, which made such animals look like unicorns.

According to Christian traditions, the unicorn is the emblem of the Virgin Mary.

In addition, these mythical characters were depicted with the bodies of a bull, a horse, and a goat. They could also draw a boar's tail and elephant legs. The prototype of the unicorn was the rhino. Different peoples assigned a different disposition to the mythical animal: evil, dangerous, fierce and freedom-loving, or just, honest, joyful, magnificent, wise.

How to draw a unicorn with a pencil: step by step instructions

Look at the unicorn shown in the illustration and start with a schematic representation of the head, as well as the ribcage and croup of the animal, which are somewhat irregular ovals. Then mark the horse's face with a small rectangle and mark the location of the ears. After that, make a preliminary sketch of the contours of the unicorn's legs, trying to convey their movement.

To draw a unicorn, you will need a piece of paper, a simple pencil, and an eraser.

Work on the details of the character's head, draw the eyes and nostrils, and draw the front of the muzzle. Move on to the limbs of the animal. Start by drawing the hind legs, emphasize the curve of the lean belly, and draw the front legs, with particular attention to the knee joints.

Before drawing the unicorn further, examine the resulting drawing and check the proportions of the body and limbs. After you are convinced that everything is drawn proportionally and correctly, proceed to the next stage. Finish the front legs of the animal, draw the hooves, depict the relief of the musculature on the horse's rump and legs, and add a tail to the animal. Since the unicorn is a fabulous horse, make its tail very long, voluminous and wavy.

Now there is very little left. You just need to shade the nostrils and eyes, depict the mane and the main decoration of the mythical character - a twisted horn, flaunting in the middle of the forehead.

Your magical unicorn is almost ready. Gently erase any construction lines that are no longer needed with the eraser. If you wish, you can color your fairytale character with colored pencils or paints.

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